The photo of Georgia GOP Senator David Perdue throwing a “White Power” sign is legitimate

ANDEsterday I came across a photo of Senator David Perdue (R-Ga) on Twitter, on which he posed with two campaign workers and threw the “ironic” white power symbol of the old right. I posted this retweet of the picture with a comment:

Loeffler hangs out with the Klan and Perdue throws white power signs. It’s the republicans. https://t.co/79EI5q9xhh

– Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) January 1, 2021

Almost immediately I received responses that the image looked like it had been altered, with particular focus on this area:

However, since the image posted on Twitter was not a high resolution image, it was difficult to prove either way. I’ve seen many low-resolution JPEG images that have similar curiosities, especially if you zoom in at the pixel level and look closely, as the JPEG format uses a “lossy” compression algorithm that can distort sections of the image in unpredictable ways.

Today @BlueATLGeorgia posted a link to the original high resolution image (2048 x 1536) on Facebook and now the problem is fixed – this photo has not been modified. It’s perfectly legitimate.

In fact, it was posted on Facebook by a Republican campaign worker.

I found the original post. Screenshots and link below. The Facebook photo has a much higher resolution. So draw your own conclusions about whether it’s real or fake. Http://t.co/o1gAZSy47i pic.twitter.com/T6jyvW4G1a

– Blue Georgia (@BlueATLGeorgia) January 2, 2021

Here is the same section enlarged to a similar level but using the less distorted high resolution image from the Facebook link above.

The higher resolution image makes it very clear that it is not a modified photo. The part that looks strange in the low-resolution image is actually part of Perdue’s thumb that is visible behind the curved index finger.

In the Trump era, it is no longer very shocking to see a great Republican politician – a U.S. Senator – express this type of gutter racism. He could, of course, claim ignorance or say that he was tricked into it by the guys posing with him, but don’t let them get away with claiming the picture is “photoshopping”. It was not.

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