barox participates in the Advancis Premium Technology Partner program

Barox Kommunikation AG, the specialized manufacturer of “switches for video networks”, has registered as an Advancis Premium Technology Partner in order to underline the support of installers and integrators in order to achieve optimal results for IP camera installations.

Advancis Software & Services GmbH, manufacturer of WinGuard PSIM, a highly flexible command and control software for the integration of security, communication and building management systems, advocates open architecture and manufacturer neutrality. The command and control technologies offer customers the freedom of choice and the possibility of standardizing monitoring and control processes from different system brands of all kinds. The single administration application offers increased security, higher system efficiency and unique solutions.

Through the close cooperation, Advancis strives for a comprehensive WinGuard integration and control of the systems of the technology partners as well as continuous involvement in order to keep the integration always up to date and to be of advantage for everyone involved.

Integrated solutions

The integration of Barox Active Switch in WinGuard can provide advanced diagnostic data that shows the status of cameras and switches and enables the quick localization of network / device problems. For example, if a network camera is not responding, Barox switches can be used to select a device and send a restart command.

Due to their integrated Device Management System (DMS), Barox products offer numerous helpful network monitoring functions with which the entire hardware and connectivity can be visualized and analyzed. Barox tools enable the remote diagnosis of errors and failures. This includes PoE monitoring, cable diagnostics, and remote switch traffic monitoring, with live traffic per port shown in a graphical diagram so that the entire video network and all connected cameras can be analyzed.

Barox and Advancis

“We thoroughly tested the specific integration capabilities of Barox managed switches, which we identified as extremely useful for our mutual customer base in technical workshops between Advancis and Barox,” said David Teppe, Strategic Alliance Manager at Advancis. “With Barox PoE switches and their current integration into WinGuard, we can, for example, remotely restore lost camera signals that are caused by device errors and can be remedied by restarting the device. This is particularly useful when a camera is difficult to access due to its installation (e.g. on tall masts in parking lots, in tunnels or under ceilings in crowded areas such as airports or entrance lobbies).

“We look forward to offering joint Barox / Advancis solutions for any application size, small or large, including critical infrastructures, ports, airports, prisons, banks, retail, utilities, transportation and with systems such as video surveillance and access control, fire, intercom, public address and complete control of the building management. “

“The partnership with Advancis is a big step for Barox,” says Rudolf Rohr, Barox co-founder and managing partner. “Barox designs all of its products to meet the specific needs of video surveillance networks. In addition, we enable installers to reduce the cost of replacing equipment and keep network downtime to a minimum. This saves costs by minimizing network setup time and avoidable trips to the site.

“Our close technical partnership means that Advancis and Barox are ideally positioned to help installers and system operators proactively identify and respond to camera degenerations or automatically reset frozen cameras by interrupting their PoE and forcing a restart. This functionality is perfectly expanded by a simple identification of all devices in CAD plans and GIS maps in WinGuard as well as by guided workflows and the logging of all operator actions. “

Customers can obtain further information about the Barox range of professional video switches for every application at or from Clear Vision Technologies at or from Oprema at

You can find more information about WinGuard PSIM at

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