Biden, Trump are bottom of the Georgia electorate ahead of the runoff elections

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden on Monday told Georgia Democrats they had the power to set the course for a generation as President Donald Trump told old grievances about his loss in the run-off elections that determine control of the U.S. November in recent pleas refreshed the US Senate.

Trump made his final hours at a nightly rally in northern Georgia where Republicans relied on a strong turnout on Tuesday to re-elect Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue and maintain control of the chamber.

Previously, Biden had fought with Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Atlanta in hopes of rebuilding the coalition that secured him a narrow victory in the presidential race in November.

“Guys, that’s it. That’s it. It’s a new year and tomorrow may be a new day for Atlanta, Georgia and America,” Biden said at a drive-in rally. “Unlike at any time in my career, one state – one state – can set the course not only for four years, but also for the next generation.”

The stakes have drawn hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign spending into what was once a solid republican state that now stands as the nation’s main battlefield. Biden won Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, with about 12,000 out of five million votes cast in November, despite Trump continuing to make false claims of widespread fraud that even his now former Attorney General and Georgia’s Republican Foreign Minister – along with a litany of state and federal agencies – represent judges – said it didn’t happen.

Trump’s call was refuted

The President’s trip on Monday came a day after a notable telephone call to the Georgian Foreign Minister was announced over the weekend. Trump pressured Republican Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to scrap Georgia’s election results ahead of Wednesday’s joint congressional session, which will confirm Biden’s college victory. The appeal highlighted how Trump used the Georgia campaign to make it clear that he continues to uphold Republican policies.

CLOCK | Trump asks Georgian officials to find the votes he needs to win:

According to audio clips from the Washington Post, the US president is asking the Georgian election officer to cancel Joe Biden’s victory in the state. 1:30

On Monday, a senior Georgia election official offered a selective rebuttal of many of Trump’s allegations during the Saturday phone call.

Gabriel Sterling, the administrative director for electoral systems, said the election was not stolen and there was no mass voter fraud in his state. But he said the best way to counter this would be to vote in Tuesday’s Senate runoff election.

“If that’s what you really believe in your heart, come out and choose. There are people who fought and died and marched and prayed and voted for the right to vote. Throw it away because you.” feel like it isn’t. ” Matter is ultimately self-destructive and ultimately a self-fulfilling prophecy. “

CLOCK | A visibly upset Sterling over Trump’s allegations over the Georgia elections:

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s manager for the implementation of the voting system, accuses US President Donald Trump’s legal team of deliberately misleading the public. 2:51

‘Swamp’ the polls

Furious after Raffensperger’s phone call, Trump had the idea of ​​withdrawing from the rally, but was convinced he should proceed so that he could repeat his allegations of election fraud. Republicans are concerned about whether Trump will only focus on himself and not promote the two Republican candidates.

Trump reiterated false claims at a rally in Dalton, Georgia that the November election had been “rigged” and urged Republicans to “flood” Tuesday’s elections.

“The Democrats are trying to steal the White House, you can’t let that happen,” said Trump. “You just can’t let them steal the US Senate, you can’t let them.”

Biden targeted Trump’s plan on Monday by stating that “politicians cannot assert, take or seize power” by undermining legitimate elections.

Biden said he needed a Senate majority to pass coronavirus laws and that he beat up Perdue and Loeffler as obstructive Trump loyalists. Loeffler says she will join other Republican lawmakers to object to the electoral college certification of Biden’s win by Congress on Wednesday.

“You have two senators who believe they swore an oath to Donald Trump, not the United States Constitution,” said Biden.

US President Donald Trump is fighting with Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler on the eve of the runoff election in Dalton, Ga., Monday. (Brian Snyder / Reuters)

Ossoff and Warnock have struggled with warnings that a Republican Senate will hamper Biden’s administration, particularly over pandemic relief.

Warnock pushed back on the flood of Loeffler television commercials that marked him as a socialist. “Did you notice she didn’t even bother to make a case, Georgia, why should you keep her in this place?” Warnock said and spoke in front of Biden. “That’s because she has no case to do.”

More than three million Georgians have already voted. Monday’s push will focus on getting voters to vote on Tuesday. The Democrats were way ahead of 3.6 million early votes in the fall, but the Republicans countered with a surge on Election Day, particularly in small towns and rural areas.

Despite Biden’s national victory, Perdue Ossoff led the way with 88,000 votes in November, giving Republicans confidence in the runoff election. The runoff elections were necessary because none of the candidates achieved a majority vote, as is required under Georgian law. Despite Perdue’s initial advantage, early polling numbers suggest that the Democrats had a higher turnout on Tuesday, and leading Republicans expressed concerns about the pressures being put on their turnout.

The four candidates in the Senate runoff election in Georgia on Tuesday. Top row: Republican candidates David Perdue (left) and Kelly Loeffler. Below: Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. (Justin Sullivan, Dustin Chambers, Jessica McGowan / Getty Images)

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