Giant 100-foot vagina sculpture divides Brazil as critics call it “gross.”

A MASSIVE concrete sculpture of a vagina got critics to twist their panties into some sort of twist.

The controversial 100-foot piece was unveiled in Brazil by visual artist Juliana Notari on the slope of Usina de Arte, a rural art park in the state of Pernambuco.


A huge sculpture of a vagina was installed on a hill in BrazilPhoto credit: Instagram / @ Juliana NotariThe controversial piece of concrete was created by the artist Juliana Notari


The controversial piece of concrete was created by the artist Juliana NotariPhoto credit: Instagram / @ Juliana NotariThe unusual piece took almost 11 months to build


The unusual piece took almost 11 months to buildPhoto credit: Instagram / @ Juliana Notari

The unusual installation entitled “Diva” was created by more than 20 people over a period of 11 months

The huge handcrafted sculpture is 33 meters high, 16 meters wide and six meters deep.

Speaking of her work on Facebook, Notari said it was intended “to challenge the relationship between nature and culture in our phallocentric and anthropocentric Western society” and to provoke a debate about “gender problematization”.

She added, “Right now these issues have become more pressing.”

But her work has caused quite a stir online, with some critics calling it “gross.”

One wrote, “Misguided artist. Sorry to say that too. Would love a better advocate for appreciating women.”

Another typed: “A monstrosity – to say the least.”

The huge sculpture was called


The huge sculpture has been described as a “monstrosity”. Photo credit: Instagram / @ Juliana NotariIt was unveiled on the slope of Usina de Arte, a rural art park in the state of Pernambuco


It was unveiled on the slope of Usina de Arte, a rural art park in the state of PernambucoPhoto credit: Instagram / @ Juliana Notari

“I’m all for equality, but there are other ways to get your point across without ruining the landscape,” commented someone else.

However, the installation has completely different opinions, as some have praised the artist’s work – describing it as “beautiful”.

One fan wrote, “The female and male bodies are all works of art. Beautifully constructed and full of wonder.

“No matter what criticism of the work people spit out, it is art.”

It has also sparked a conflict between supporters of the country’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, and left-wing art admirers.

The president, who took office in 2019, is known for his macho views on women and has previously prevailed among artists.



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Notary is one of several who nevertheless refused to remain silent.

She told CNN: “Diva is a ‘possibility’ because it cuts through the structural patriarchy of Brazil, which is continuously reinforced by Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right, hateful discourse.”

In the meantime, polemicist Olavo de Carvalho – often cited as an ideological influence on Bolsonaro – addressed the artwork on Twitter with a bad-mouthed comment.

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