Hugh Hewitt offers cover for GOP riot in Congress

Hugh Hewitt will never be a real boy.

He lies too much.

And by “too much” I mean, in order to lend a sentence from Paul to the Thessalonians, Hewitt lies “ceaselessly”.

Instead, Fred Hiatt’s in-house Republican testicle is doomed to forever be what it always was –

– A cyborg from the future to destroy America ™.

Hewitt at WaPo Monday:

Objection to the electoral college is not a constitutional crisis

Whether a US representative or senator objects to the confirmation of the electoral college’s vote on Jan. 6 is not an indictment of commitment to the country, the Constitution, or his party. Nor is there any sign of crisis or danger that a significant number of members of both bodies are about to vote that way. Each member of Congress has a representative capacity, and some of the objectors do that.

Some, like Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) And Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), Have profound reservations about the conduct of the elections and want to broadcast them. Others want to remind the body of allegations that they may not believe but that their constituents would like to investigate.

I am not convinced that a state vote, subsequent recount or judicial challenge should lead to this level of debate. In any event, none of the courts have established the threshold of evidence required to establish significant fraud, so I would not be voting in favor of objecting. But I’m not a senator or a representative. I didn’t think anything remotely approached a criminal offense a year ago, and neither did 99 percent of Republicans in Congress. But that didn’t stop the Democrats from pushing a daring impeachment that cost the country dearly …

Hewitt is such a terrible disease on the well-worn remnants of American political journalism, such a standout example of all that is terrible and broken in the mainstream media, that I can only assume he will make a triumphant return visit to Meet the As a respected NBC contributor, hit before the month is up.

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