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Georgia expects election results to be balanced with Senate

After Mr. Warnock largely evaded criticism in the November elections when Ms. Loeffler focused on fending off a challenge from the right, he was particularly severely criticized.

Republicans shed light on Mr Warnock’s most controversial sermons, portraying him as a critic of the military and law enforcement, powerful attacks in Georgia, even when Mr Warnock refuted them. Mr. Warnock tried to defuse the attacks and tone down his image by airing commercials featuring a puppy.

The Republicans’ publicity was full of ominous warnings that the country would sink into a quagmire of radical left socialism if the two Democrats won. At the rally on Monday, Trump warned that the Democrats would “transform America into Venezuela, with no jobs, no prosperity, no rights, no freedom, no future for you and your family”.

Mr. Ossoff also took some hard shots at Mr. Perdue, calling him a “crook” over controversial stock deals the Senator had made while accusing him of profiting from the coronavirus pandemic, which Mr. Perdue denies.

None of the parties lacked the resources to make their arguments. These were the most expensive Senate competitions in US history. Including the pre-runoff campaign, more than $ 469 million was spent on the Perdue-Ossoff competition and more than $ 362 million was spent on the Loeffler-Warnock race, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

That the races were competitive at all was testament to the changing nature of Georgia.

Although the state has been largely Republican dominated for the past two decades, it is changing due to the influx of newcomers, immigrants, and American-born voters who pursue warm weather and the opportunity to get to the sun belt.

And the two Senate races were abandoned by some of the determining forces that shaped national politics.

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