Information and shame

Wed, January 6, 2021 | By John Schroeder

It doesn’t make sense to me, but the Democrats seem to have gained control of the Senate.

It doesn’t make any sense to me, the more you are locked, the worse it seems, but the locks keep going.

If these things happen but it doesn’t add up to me, am I badly informed? Am I nonsense? For these things to happen they have to make sense to someone, but I don’t seem to find anything that comes close to a reasonable explanation. I don’t read enough I find this hard to believe.

I wrote earlier that a confusing situation like this often suggests that different agendas are at play than the ones right before us. This explains the Covid policy, where a few are in charge but not the election results. I don’t think Georgia considers God anti-military as just an example. I mean, God actually once punished a king of Israel for not completely destroying a military adversary. One has to wonder if the people of Georgia were fully informed.

Or maybe playing something else? Dennis Prager’s weekly column yesterday was about how social pressures, or what he called them “snitches”, can affect things. I admit, a lot of information can be hard to come by and people are essentially lazy, but the information is out there. But shame can lead to ignoring information or discounting it. Prager could be right here, this shame distorts our information intake.

But what makes me really sad is that shame is transmitted through social media – it’s just words. In addition, it is the words of little, little people that are disembodied by the Internet. Why do we care so much about her?

I am sure that in the coming weeks we will see the breakdowns of the Georgian vote and understand the mechanisms of how it happened. But there is something deeper at stake. The government cannot address it, but Lord Almighty we have to do it for ourselves.

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