Oh right

However, there is no vaccine against climate change. There won’t be either. There is only a need for changed behavior, a massively changed economy and a new structuring of our management of our priorities and lives, the achievement of which will take some time. So the process should start now.

But this process doesn’t start now

That’s right, it doesn’t start now. Indeed, it has been like this for a couple of decades:

But it is difficult to teach facts to a potato.

There are people who know these decisions are required. And there are people who know what to do. But there is one obstacle, and it is the politics of populism, that is now affecting the UK’s two largest political parties, neither of which now appear to be able to provide any form of effective political leadership.

That sounds awful, like someone’s yelling that people should just shut up and do what they were fucking told well, right?

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