A damn tape released by the Washington Post reveals that Donald Trump pressured Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to change the votes in the Georgia elections in order to win him. On the tape, Trump sounded delusional, saying he won by hundreds of thousands of votes and thousands of ballot papers were shredded. He grazed, whined and cursed Raffensperger, insinuating that he allowed the Georgia elections to be stolen from him. It cracks, chokes, decompensates, hits the wall and falls apart at the seams! He must step back or be removed before blowing his cork.

Listening to President Trump, the leader of American democracy, insisted that a change in the state official who legally cast ballots to overturn 2020 election results in his favor was shocking but clarified the truth; Donald Trump despises and disregards democracy, is a criminal and mentally unstable. On the tape, Trump calls on Raffensperger to announce that he is “re-examining the votes” to justify finding 11,780 votes in his favor, which is one more vote than Biden won. Trump also attacked Raffensperger, calling him weak and corrupt, and implying that the Secretary of State knowingly allowed his election to be stolen. He also made mob-like threats like “You could get in big trouble for doing this”. It was equally worrying to hear Trump delusional statements such as “I won Georgia by hundreds of thousands of votes” and “Thousands of ballot papers had been shredded and there was a rush to illegally dismantle voting machines.”

The negative backlash from the political and legal communities was monumental. Constitutional lawyers speculate that Trump may have committed a federal crime in trying to force state officials to manipulate the vote count to bring him victory in Georgia. In response to the call, he instructs Raffansperger to “give him a vote”, which proves his request to change the election result. During the impeachment proceedings against Trump, the House of Representatives and Chair of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff passionately warned the Senate and the country: “He will do it again,” citing Trump’s pattern of interference in the American elections. During the 2015 presidential campaign, he invited Russia to meddle in our politics by encouraging them to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. He supported Wikileaks’ efforts to continue spreading negative information about Democrats in order to influence his chances of winning an election. The recording released yesterday is indisputable evidence that Trump did not defend the Constitution but worked to dismantle it when and where it will encourage his power.

The narrative, even more disturbing than Donald Trump’s public mental decompensation, is the subservience of Congressmen declaring loyalty to Trump to loyalty to the Constitution. Twelve Republican senators and 140 Republican members of the House have announced that they will vote against certification of the electoral college vote. These elected officials know their efforts will not change the fact that Joe Biden and Kamal Harris will be the next President and Vice President of the United States. If they act against democracy on Wednesday, efforts should be made to remember them as traitors to democracy. On MSNBC tonight, New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman suggested that Senators who deviate from confirming the vote should be forever designated by the Senator “coup d’etator”. Friedman believes that Trump’s enablers should have the same career-damaging and legal ramifications that Trump will face.

The reason dictators and autocrats have tragic, catastrophic ends is because they cannot control their corrupt hunger for power. As a result, they are sabotaging each other in much the same way as Trump’s illegal appeal to Raffansperger. You push the boundaries for ultimate power, loyalty, and worship and yet you never feel satisfied. Trump sees the end of his presidency and fears losing the legal protection that the presidency grants him. He becomes a clichéd mad ruler who goes over the edge at the end of his reign.

A permanent leader arrives on January 20th, and reason, decency and competence will reoccupy the Oval office. A campaign is organized to rid the government of the Republicans who enabled Trump to threaten our democracy.

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