Daily update – January 7th

Politics is alive

5:35 pm – This is Politics Live for today, what a busy week it was. Until tomorrow!

17:30 – A reminder of the most important events of today:

According to Boris Johnson, 1.5 million people have now been vaccinated. British politicians from across the political spectrum have condemned the unsavory violence that took place in the US yesterday. Matt Hancock claims there isn’t a high risk of international arrivals.

5:15 pm – Update from the press conference on Downing Street:

New promises from Boris Johnson at today’s briefing # 10:
* 100s of 1000s vaccinations per day through January 15th with new centers opening
* Every resident of a nursing home offered a vaccine by the end of January
* a new booking service
(285,000 vaccinations per day are required to meet the goal of 2 million per week)

– Tom Newton Dunn (@tnewtondunn) January 7, 2021

5:10 p.m. – Agree with him

4:36 pm – During this last embargo, press conferences are now held three times a week on Downing Street.

NEW: Downing Street has confirmed that @ HMTAllegra’s press conferences have been delayed due to the lockdown.

Instead, No10 will hold at least three press conferences per week with Boris Johnson / other relevant ministers and scientific experts for the duration.

– Sebastian Payne (@SebastianEPayne) January 7, 2021

3:40 pm – What a great idea.

MPs and Lords take note.

BBC employees are being tested for coronavirus twice a week according to new plans outlined in a memo today. You will also receive “Social Distance Proximity Devices” at the entrance, which you wear around your neck and which seem to beep if you are no further than 2 m apart.

– Mark Di Stefano (@MarkDiStef) January 7, 2021

3:02 p.m. – New from Politics.co.uk

Should capital gains tax be increased to fund the pandemic?

1:52 pm – An interesting point here from Zarah Sultana. Are school children overwhelmed?

Children in the UK are among the most tested and studied students in the world.

It is time to move away from an exam-heavy education system and prioritize the creativity, critical thinking, and well-being of children with a flexible, diverse, and decolonized curriculum.

– Zarah Sultana MP (@zarahsultana) January 7, 2021

1:12 pm – Union leader Sir Keir Starmer on Donald Trump:

Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer says President Donald Trump must “take responsibility” for the attack on the US Congress that killed four people

“What happened was appalling … this is the culmination of years of politics of hatred and division” https://t.co/nzB2EWOqb1 pic.twitter.com/QJZyCFYmbg

– BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) January 7, 2021

12:08 pm – The former prime minister spoke about the events of the last night in the Capitol.

After yesterday’s disturbing scenes at the Capitol, I am delighted that Congress has certified @JoeBiden as the next President. The orderly change of power is a hallmark of a mature democracy. There is no place for mob rule.

– Theresa May (@theresa_may) January 7, 2021

10:59 am – The Minister of Health is due to be interviewed later today about the deteriorating situation of Covid in the UK.

NEWS: Starting today, we’re rolling out the Oxford vaccine for general practitioners across the country.

With more services up and running, we can accelerate the adoption of vaccines – to save lives and get us all out of this pandemic. Http://t.co/6l4yUXSVdb

– Matt Hancock (@MattHancock) January 7, 2021

10:00 a.m – The press conference is likely to keep the public informed of the government’s efforts to introduce vaccines.

NEW: PM will hold a press conference on Downing Street at 5 p.m. with Secretary of Health and Brigadier Phil Prosser

– Paul Brand (@PaulBrandITV) January 7, 2021

9:16 am – The world collectively breathes a sigh of relief when Trump confirms an “orderly change of power”.

🚨 The White House Deputy Chief of Staff sends a statement from Trump confirming an “orderly transfer of power”. 🚨 https://t.co/ITxL4zCvoz

– Matthew Thompson (@mattuthompson) January 7, 2021

8:54 am – Further reactions of the Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to the events in the USA.

8:30 am – Ministers’ media rounds::

Foreign Minister Priti Patel was up this morning.

Ms. Patel condemned last night’s violence in Washington, but hesitated to publicly denounce Donald Trump’s own actions.

“There is no justification for what happened at all”

Priti Patel says the violence in the US Capitol was “totally unacceptable” and Donald Trump should “condemn the situation,” adding that “his words did very little to de-escalate the situation” https: // t. co / VSZPqZSeAN pic.twitter. com / FCEAZlhPrE

– Sky News (@SkyNews) January 7, 2021

8:15 o’clock – The most important developments of today::

Pro-Trump protesters storm the Capitol: Expect a lot of British political reaction to the unsavory events that took place in Washington DC last night.Vaccine rollout: An escalation in the daily number of vaccinations is expected in the coming days as the Oxford vaccine is shipped to GP locations across England. Health Committee: Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will interview the current Matt Hancock this afternoon about the deteriorating situation in Covid in the country.

8:00 am – Good morning and welcome to Politics Live.

Summary from yesterday:

Covid: A daily record of 1,041 deaths and 62,322 cases was recorded on Wednesday.Education: The summer exams are now being replaced by teacher assessments rather than the controversial algorithm method used last year.Transport: HS2 Minister Andrew Stephenson says the cost of canceling the project would be “appalling”.

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