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Ok, here’s the deal: we buy a majority of our gear from reverb.com. It turns out they have an affiliate program – every time someone clicks the link below and makes a purchase, Scary Pockets actually receives a small affiliate fee. We hope that the gear list below not only gives you a taste of the gear we make music with, but also helps Scary Pockets build a sustainable business. That means, ENJOY:

GTR: Goyaton, Fender Harvard
Key: Prophet 6, 60s wurly
Bass: 1960’s bass Sam Wilkes
Drums: SPD SX
Singing: u47
Console: MCI JH400

A cover of “Arrow Through Me” by Scary Pockets.

Lead voice: Madison Cunningham
Drums: Kyle Crane
Bass: Sam Wilkes
Key: Jack Conte
Guitar: Ryan Lerman
Synths, BGVs: Jeremy Most

Sound engineer: Caleb Parker
Mixing / Mastering: Caleb Parker
Producer: Jeremy Most

Directed by Mike Dempsey
Camera: Ricky Chavez
Cinematographer: Ricky Chavez, Sammy Rothman, Joey Graziano
Editor: Adam Kritzberg

Recorded live at Valentine Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

About scary bags
We’re Scary Pockets, a funk band that releases music videos weekly to keep up with funk. Scary Pockets are Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte, with the help and support of a rotating list of the best session musicians in the LA area. Make sure you subscribe to and enable ALL notifications!

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