The sore point

Just for the sake of the old days, during the coup attempt in America last night, we took a little dip back into the Yoonstream, the special place on social media where the most troubled Scottish unionists hang out.

It didn’t disappoint.

You couldn’t move to froth madmen trying to draw parallels between what happened in Washington and a series of perfectly peaceful, perfectly lawful independence marches and demonstrations in which no one was arrested and no one injured, despite some of them crowds of Tens of thousands affected.

(And, of course, they all got VERY upset and prickly when someone pointed out that the only remotely significant scenes of violent political unrest in Scotland for the past 50 years were the gangs of loyal “Better Together” thugs that played that night in George Square raged after the indyref.)

Some particularly mindless Labor politicians even tried to use the riots to score points against the SNP by tweeting old pictures of Donald Trump with Alex Salmond – who is not in the SNP and who is known to detest Trump – while somehow they are didn’t realize people would do this remind them:

(McConnell was the man who, as Prime Minister, gave Trump a position as Business Ambassador for Scotland in a specially created organization, calling him a “platinum Scotsman” while it was the SNP that removed Trump from the position.)

And there was one recurring theme that the SNP and the yes movement had somehow refused to accept the 2014 referendum result:

Nevertheless, the SNP could not possibly have respected the result of the 2014 referendum more if it had tried. There was no legal challenge to the result, let alone a violent storming of parliament. Like all good democrats who lose a vote, the yes movement reformed itself after its defeat and continued to pursue its goals by lawful, peaceful and democratic means.

The Labor Party did not break up and abandoned socialism forever simply because it was crushed in a slew of elections in Britain and Scotland. The Scottish Tories did not break up after being rejected in Scotland for 60 years.

Indeed, Nicola Sturgeon has moved endlessly at the feet of the 2014 outcome, repeatedly insisting that she will only try again to seek independence for Scotland if the UK government gives express permission and adamantly refuses to put it on a long list more democratic mandates to respond Take a firmer (but still lawful) action.

But in the parade of insane roasters who made themselves idiots, there was an excavation that carried some truth in it.

Because the SNP has spent most of the past four years reversing the outcome of a democratic vote without a legitimate mandate. It just wasn’t the Indyref.

What this side is saying is that Brexit is probably the stupidest thing Britain has ever done, but it was Britain’s democratic will nonetheless. It was elected in a free and fair vote, and since then there have been numerous elections in which the people could have expressed the will to change their minds. But they didn’t.

In not one, but two general elections, they mostly voted for parties that had committed to Brexit. In the 2019 European elections, the Brexit party, which wasn’t even actually a party, came first, beating both mainstream parties out of sight.

The Lib Dems scored less than 20% in this election and less than 12% in the 2017 and 2019 general elections, despite having the clear vote to themselves. The British electorate could not possibly have made it clearer that they wanted to carry out the Brexit vote outcome for good or bad, and eventually, in their frustration, they provided a large majority to Boris Johnson to get the job done, which is okay with catastrophic consequences for all to have for years to come.

That side warned in 2019 that the SNP made a silly mistake in trying to override the democratic desires of the UK as a whole (and England and Wales in particular) – in other words, to do exactly what about we all complain, and use it as one of the main justifications for independence, when English voices push the Tory governments into Scotland – instead of focusing their energies on respecting Scotland’s voice in order to stay by driving Scotland out of Britain .

You had and still have a clear democratic mandate to strive for independence. They had absolutely no way of blocking Britain’s exit from the EU and the time and effort they wasted trying could prove fatal to independence.

And as disastrous as they may be, even the ankle-dragging drool of the Yoonstream know an open target when they see one.

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