George Floyd’s Killer Post 1M bail

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Derek Chauvin, charged with second degree murder, third degree murder, and manslaughter, has been released from Oak Park Heights Prison, where he has been held since May 31.

Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell previously told FOX 9 that such transfers of high-profile people from a district prison to a state prison are “not uncommon”.

Judge Jeannice M. Reding placed Chauvin on bail of $ 1 million conditional or $ 1.25 million unconditional four months ago.

Chauvin, a former police officer, is charged with the murder in the death of George Floyd, a black man who was handcuffed. Chauvin, who is white, pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for a few minutes when Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. Floyd died on May 25th.

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Who is Derek Chauvin?

According to relatives and acquaintances, Chauvin appeared to be a “normal guy”. His relatives are still hesitating about the aftermath of his arrest, and some say the incident was “atypical” for him, according to a Star Tribune report.

The article also mentions that Chauvin had a common civic upbringing in the St. Paul area. He is a former military man who, according to one of his platoon sergeants, always seemed to be studying to become a police officer.

Has chauvin done anything like this in the past?

Chauvin joined the Minneapolis Police Department in 2001. He has used neck braces in the past since at least 2014, says AP News.

The article also states that in addition to the arrests involving Chauvin using neck or head and torso cuffs, prosecutors listed an incident in August 2015 in which Chauvin saw other officials see a suicidal and drunk man after using it from a to a position for lateral recovery stun guns put on him.

Prosecutors found the officers received a commendation after medics said the man could have died if they extended his detention.

What happens to Chauvin now?

By posting the lower bail, Chauvin must obey all laws, have no contact with Floyd’s family, and surrender gun and firearms licenses. He will also be required not to leave Minnesota.

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