House adopts a resolution calling on the president to “make the repeal of blasphemy, heresy and apostasy laws a priority”.

Empty words that are ignored and soon forgotten. As soon as the left’s friends and allies tell them that such a resolution is “Islamophobic”, they will hurry to repeal it. What is now much more likely in the US is swift encroachment on Sharia blasphemy laws under the guise of restrictions on so-called “hate speech.”

“US House of Representatives Passes Resolution Calling for a Global End to Blasphemy, Heresy, and Apostasy Laws,” End Blasphemy Laws, December 10, 2020:

In what has been described by the End Blasphemy Laws Coalition, the American Humanist Association (AHA), as “a significant victory for the rights of humanists, non-theists, and religious minorities around the world,” the House of Representatives U.S House Resolution 512 Vote 386-3 on December 7, 2020.

House Resolution 512 calls on the President and the State Department to: “(1) Make the repeal of blasphemy, heresy and apostasy laws a priority in bilateral relations between the United States and countries with such laws; (2) Designate countries that enforce such laws as countries that are of particular importance to religious freedom; and (3) to oppose the efforts of the United Nations to implement an international anti-blasphemy norm ”and additionally to call upon all states that enforce blasphemy laws to amend or repeal them, and to release anyone detained under them.

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