Trump enforced the ultimate loyalty test for Congressional Republicans

Even after the president instigated an uprising against Congress, six senators and 121 representatives voted for the GOP to be his party.

January 7, 2021

| 4:32 pm

House Inspection and Reform Committee

Senator Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., Voted to reverse the election results.

The only thing more frustrating than seeing Donald Trump desecrate the presidency for the past four years is seeing his Republican enablers in Congress support him in that endeavor. He would have been removed from office during the impeachment process if few of them had managed to spine and acknowledge the danger he posed to our republic.

But it took voters to say “enough is enough” and end this nightmare. Trump lost the election and that led to the crisis that peaked at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Tony Schwartz was the ghostwriter for Trump’s book, The art of the dealand Tim O’Brien wrote TrumpNation. That gave both men deep insight into the man who would become president, including his reaction to losses. This is Schwartz::

Trump grew up fighting for his life and did not take prisoners. In countless conversations he made it clear to me that he viewed every encounter as a competition to win because, in his view, the only other option was to lose, and that was the equivalent of wiping out.

O’Brien problematic a similar warning.

He’s been doing something like this all his life: spinning victorious yarns from incontrovertible losses was a hallmark of his troubled business career … Trump is cornered and outmaneuvered so we’ll likely get more of it if he keeps testing the Constitution and pushing the boundaries the authority of the president: to keep turning to winning even when the losses are obvious.

I doubt any of these men was surprised that Trump started doing this in the face of losing the election decompensate and responded by spreading delusional lies about how he actually won.

The Republicans in Congress let him get away with it for weeks. But when state election officials, the courts and even the President’s Attorney General shouted the lies, the deception took its toll. Finally, on Wednesday, Republicans had to decide how to cast their votes to confirm the results of the electoral college.

Even before the Capitol uprising, Donald Trump, Jr. made the choice clear. Speaking to the crowd that gathered in Washington DC, he said that those who were not ready to fight for Trump should learn that “this is no longer their Republican Party. This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party. “He continued to threaten primary challenges against anyone who did not show complete loyalty to his father.

More tellingly, according to journalist Gabriel Sherman, the President is happy that the Republicans have lost their Senate majority.

In the past few days, as Trump’s attempt to overthrow the elections has grown desperate, he has privately made anarchist comments, a second Republican told me near the White House. The Republican said Trump told people he wanted David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to lose the Georgia Senate runoff to punish them and Mitch McConnell. “Trump told people he was really angry that the Senators and McConnell didn’t stand up for him to challenge the election. He’s glad they lost. “According to the Republican, Trump has said that if there is no party leadership, he will be the most dominant force in Republican politics.

After four years of kowtowing against the president, Republicans learn that Donald Trump is ready to destroy them if they threaten his power and ego.

Early Thursday morning we received the first indication of how Republicans in Congress would respond to this challenge. When the time came to vote on whether to certify Arizona’s voters, some who vowed to challenge ballots from multiple states changed their minds. However, six senators and 121 representatives sided with the president to question the election result. The New York Times has the list. These are the Republicans who, even after the president instigated an uprising against Congress and forced them to flee terrorism, voted to proclaim that the GOP was Donald Trump’s party. Includes the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy.

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