Houston Chronicle editorial: “Resign, Senator Cruz. Your lies cost lives.”

The Houston Chronicle is a standard liberal newspaper for major cities. The newspaper’s editorial team is liberal. The paper occasionally endorses Republican politicians, but the Democratic bias is clearly strong. On Friday, the Houston Chronicle called for Senator Ted Cruz to step down.

The editorial published on Friday points a finger at the role Cruz played in Wednesday’s Capitol Hill uprising.

But we reserve special condemnation for those offenders among them who have common sense and considerable intellect – the ones who damn well should know better.

Cruz was a brilliant and frequent attorney before the US Supreme Court and a former Texas attorney general. He knew exactly what he was doing, what he was risking and who he was going on when he stood in the Senate on Wednesday passionately feeding the farce of electoral fraud just as a seething crowd of believers was whipped up by President Trump a short distance away.

I will note that the 2012 Chronicle endorsed Ted Cruz in his first campaign for the US Senate. Then, in 2018, the newspaper Beto O’Rourke approved. The reason for the move was that Cruz moved to Washington DC and focused more on his own political ambitions than the needs of his constituents in Texas. This is a criticism of Cruz that is widely heard by both Democrats and Republicans. I have made such complaints myself. Once a strong supporter of Cruz, after running for president only a short time in the Senate in his first term, it became clear that his goal was a goal of the president and the Senate served as a stepping stone. I wanted him to be a supporter in the Senate, and then hopefully one day in the Supreme Court.

So the editorial wasn’t a complete surprise. It doesn’t often happen that I agree with the Houston Chronicle’s political opinions, but this time the paper is correct – Cruz knew better than to encourage Trump supporters to believe that voters’ votes will be changed in President Trump’s favor could. Cruz is a constitutional scholar. The pressure on Vice President Pence, who advocated Cruz over Trump in the 2016 GOP primary, not to accept the voters’ votes and not to confirm the election, was a political stunt. Trump’s most loyal and passionate supporters hoped that Senators Hawley and Cruz could save Trump’s re-election and secure him a second term. That would never happen, and both Hawley and Cruz knew it all along. They did this to lay the foundation for their own future presidential campaigns and to bring Trump voters to justice.

Cruz sent out a donation letter as the events played out on Wednesday. Once a tea party favorite, Cruz has become a swamp creature. He’s a bomb thrower to keep him in the spotlight, but more importantly, to keep the donations in. That’s cynical, I know, but it’s proven time and time again.

The consequences of Cruz’s cynical game soon became clear, as did his real motivations. A donation message was sent to Cruz at the moments when angry hordes of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to stop a never-before-seen theft, desecrate the building, evacuate Congress and injure dozens of police officers, including one deceased -Pendant ::

“Ted Cruz here,” it read. “I lead the fight to reject voters from key states unless there is an emergency review of the election results. Will you stand by me “

Cruz claims the message was automated. Even if that’s true, it’s repulsive.

I believe Cruz joined this ruse to keep up with Senator Hawley. He did not want to allow a future potential presidential candidate for Trump voters to be viewed as a fighter than him. It is perfectly reasonable to question the electoral irregularities. It is an entirely different matter to give false hope that the election results may be overturned. None of the legal challenges were successful for Trump’s campaign team. None of the challenges posed by questionable ballot counting measures would change the election result. I agree that state election officials allowed the voting in a way that was not seen before the pandemic – I saw it here in my own town and in my county where Cruz lives – and that reforms were implemented Need to become. There was no time for it during the certification process in Congress. This is work that needs to be done in the next two years before the next elections.

There are protests in Cruz’s Houston office. However, this is not uncommon as Area Democrats do it a lot. It’s for the show too. After the Capitol Hill uprising, local elected officials, all Democrats, weighed against Cruz. The Mayor of Houston, the Houston Police Chief, and even a social media person from the Harris County Electoral Office. This electoral office was set up during the pandemic by the Democrats who didn’t even bother to correctly inform the state about the establishment. Never let a crisis end.

Social media person in the election office of the (Democratic) Harris Co.

– Karen Townsend (@penguinponders) January 7, 2021

DC: Where is the law and order with these protesters? And what about the US Constitution? It means nothing to these protesters? And Texans should hold Senator Ted Cruz accountable for this fiasco. st

– Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) January 6, 2021

Shame on you @tedcruz, @GOPLeader, and everyone who fed the wrong narrative about our choice that led to what we are witnessing at our nation’s Capitol. You have fanned the flames of suspicion and history will blame you for the chaos that has resulted. Outrageous!

– Chief Art Acevedo (@ArtAcevedo) January 6, 2021

Cruz goes on to say he “debated” Wednesday and did not add fuel to the fire. He tweeted that the violence needs to stop after it all went sideways.

“Not from afar,” he told KHOU Thursday. “What I have done and what the other members have done is what we were elected to do, what matters of great concern are debating in the United States Senate Chamber.”

Since the Capitol Siege, Cruz has condemned the violence and, after the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, tweeted that “Heidi and I prayerfully raise the officer’s family” and demand prosecution of the terrorists.

Those storming the Capitol must stop NOW.

The constitution protects peaceful protest, but violence – left or right – is ALWAYS wrong.

And those who use violence violate the cause they support.

– Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) January 6, 2021

I am not about to ask for Cruz to resign. As with the consequences Josh Hawley faces, Cruz will face his own. These protests and public charges are part of it. So far I have not seen any calls to resign from Texas Republicans, and I don’t expect to see that. He will face the lingering aftermath of his role in the Capitol riots if he stands for re-election or tries again for president. His political opportunism is not forgotten. He shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

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