OPTEX detection technology protects private homes and property in rural areas

Harper Security Systems, specializing in the specification and installation of intelligent security solutions for residential and private properties, selected OPTEX’s PTE (Intelligent Passive Infrared) sensors for their reliability in detecting external threats, especially in rural environments.

Three properties in Home Counties and Lincolnshire use a combination of OPTEX’s proven PIR sensors to protect property, people and other vital assets, including horses, from the dangers of vandalism and theft.

The OPTEX range includes sensors with a panoramic 180 degree detection coverage and a radius of 12 m / 40 ft to detect intrusions in residential or commercial buildings. They are ideal for protecting larger residential areas and flat roofs, which are typical of outbuildings on farms and stables.

Working with OPTEX

“We have been working with OPTEX for several years and have found the range of PIR sensors to be extremely accurate and reliable. This is critical to the specification of external detection, ”said Alan Harper, director of Harper Security Systems.

“The flexibility and versatility of the sensors make them ideal for multiple environments,” continues Alan. “For example, we recently installed them in a private barn in Lincolnshire to protect horses and valuable riding equipment, homes in rural villages in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to protect property and personal effects, and in commercial business environments.”

Ben Linklater, Sales Director at OPTEX Europe, says that the focus is often on cities, but rural crime is a major problem that has cost the rural community in the UK over £ 9 million this year alone: ​​“Reliable external protection It is becoming increasingly important to secure not only equipment and assets, but also cattle and other animals such as horses. The earlier it is detected, the better the chance of preventing intruders.

“External intrusion detection is essential in rural settings because most of the assets, many of which are expensive to replace (and some of which are irreplaceable), are stored outdoors. We are excited to work with Harper Security, who understand the benefits of early detection to protect premises, assets, people and animals, and to deliver innovative security solutions to their customers. “

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