BIG TECH PURGE: Reddit bans and removes the entire r / DonaldTrump community

Reddit has banned and removed the user-created community that President Donald Trump supports as part of the ongoing and truly massive PURGE that is going on in the tech arena and across the internet in general.

It’s both a Trump-specific purge and an ideological purge, not to mention a test run for bigger and better purges.

Reddit used the claim that they would all use: “Inciting”. As I said, it is a term that they use subjectively and that they will continue and expand on the definition of.

From the hill:

The r / DonaldTrump page wasn’t officially hosted by President Trump, but there was a community dedicated to helping him.

In addition, Reddit said that, in accordance with its website-wide guidelines banning content that promotes hatred or incites violence, “it has proactively reached out to moderators to remind them of our guidelines and offer support or resources when needed” .

It will keep getting more and more worse.

The Right Scoop Roundup of the Big Tech Purge Stories will be released shortly for comprehensive reference on all bans, de-platforming and censorship. So stay tuned. It’s a long list.

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