Eventually Piers Morgan admits he went to Antigua for Christmas and ignores government advice to “only travel when it is important”.

Piers Morgan has been on social media blocking dozen of people who questioned him after our exclusive revelation that he had hypocritically traveled to Antigua, the Caribbean for Christmas, after telling Good Morning Britain viewers, “It’s time to soak it up and make some sacrifices. Your older loved ones are worth more than any soccer game, movie trip, restaurant meal, or dinner Ski vacation. ”

Was @piersmorgan tested when he got back from Antigua? Https://t.co/5lOlfMw108

– Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) January 6, 2021
Lord Sugar has been mocking Piers for weeks about the problem. Today, Piers even blocked Julia Hartley Brewer when she raised the issue. He likes to hand it out, not so much about sucking it up himself.

Guido’s video, which was released on Friday (see above) and provides the background to the story, was watched by thousands on social media this weekend, and Guido hasn’t seen Piers as evasive since he was in front of Lord Leveson for phone hacking . The fact is, after telling us all to “suck it up” and have a virtual Christmas, he flew to the Caribbean.

Now that the video has been seen and shared by tens of thousands, he’s finally on Twitter this afternoon to argue about which flight he took and deny he traveled in first class before admitting our story otherwise “exactly right” was:

Although his first point claimed otherwise, the government specifically advised against non-essential travel.

Antigua, like all Caribbean islands, coped very well with the pandemic thanks to strict border controls and a law-abiding population. Only 169 cases in total & 5 deaths. https://t.co/HwawmM8FAp

– Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 9, 2021

To claim that everything is within the rules and that Antigua is safe is a desperate excuse he would condemn from an interviewee. After a year of ranting covidiots and calling for stricter bans, Piers owed Good Morning Britain viewers an explanation as to why he’d snuck away and ignored government advice to only fly to Antigua for Christmas when absolutely necessary was. If so many of his viewers had missed family funerals, why did he think it was right to go on a beach vacation? Did he really think this was an essential journey?

Covid-19 doesn’t care about Christmas.
If we have to compromise this year, so be it. We can still attend virtual church services and still have virtual meals with all that entails. The vaccines are coming quickly, so let’s save as many lives as possible in the meantime.

– Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) November 19, 2020

Asking others to give up their vacations, compromise, and have a “virtual Christmas” before sneaking into Antigua on vacation is beyond cynical. Why not piers Do you have a virtual beach vacation at home with a sun lamp, lounge chair and bag of sand? Piers owes Good Morning Britain viewers an apology for his brazen and two-sided behavior.

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