Plane crash in Indonesia LIVE: wreckage and “suspected body parts” after Boeing 737 with 62 crashes in the sea


The Boeing 737-500 is part of the 737 family, the world’s most flown airliner series. It was developed for short or medium distances in the 1960s.

The 737-500 entered service in 1990 and is from the second of four generations of the 737, called the 737 Classic.

It has limited functionality with the fourth and latest generation, the troubled Boeing 737 MAX, and lacks the flawed cockpit software that contributed to two fatal crashes and caused the MAX to ground the MAX for 20 months.

For economic reasons, however, the 737-500 was largely discontinued in favor of younger, more economical models.

The plane that crashed was nearly 27 years old and was originally flown by airlines in the United States.

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