Report: Trump Demanded Georgian Election Investigator “Find The Scam”

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in support of Senate candidates Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., And David Perdue, Dalton, Ga., Monday Jan. 4, 2021. AP Photo / Brynn Anderson

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President Donald Trump called Georgia’s best electoral investigator in December to demand that the official “find the scam,” the Washington Post reported on Saturday. Trump called just before Christmas and told the official that if they backed up his claim that the election was stolen, they would become a “national hero”.

Trump called while the Georgian Foreign Minister’s office where the investigator works was conducting a signature check on more than 15,000 postal ballot papers in the suburb of Cobb County, Atlanta. The review, conducted in conjunction with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, did not reveal any fraudulent ballots. Legal experts told the Post that Trump’s call could pose an obstruction to justice.

“That was an ongoing investigation,” Raffensperger told the newspaper on Friday. “I don’t think an elected official should be involved in this process.”

The news of Trump’s call to the investigator comes a week after Post Audio released another call in which the president demanded that Raffensberger “find” more than 11,000 votes to undo President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia. Trump reportedly called 18 times before Raffensberger picked up, which signaled the sheer desperation with which Trump tried to undo his defeat.

Also on Saturday, the Wall Street Journal sheds new light on the mysterious resignation of Byung J. Pak, Trump’s US attorney for the Atlanta-based North District of Georgia. Pak left his job prematurely on Monday weeks without explanation. It emerged that the White House ordered his dismissal because, according to the Journal, Trump “was upset that he had not done enough to investigate the president’s allegations of electoral fraud.”

As Trump’s tumultuous presidency ends well into the last few days, new scandals seem to be looming everywhere – more calls, a riot in the U.S. Capitol. At least the news of this recent interference will fuel the fire in the Democrats’ call for further impeachment.

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