Did Lauren Boebert help Rioters track down Nancy Pelosi?

Last week’s failed uprising in the US Capitol, perpetrated by thousands of the President’s supporters Donald Trump who encircled the building as a joint session of the congress grounds by the final steps of confirmation and then smashed their way into the building Joe Bidens The electoral college victory marked a turning point in American democracy unlike anything we have seen in our lives. For Republicans who backed Trump by rejecting the 2020 election result for months and culminating in Trump’s final deadly desperation on Wednesday, what was once considered a “harmless” means of gaining political support from Trump’s grassroots is now a direct threat to their political future.

For rep. Lauren Boebert After winning her office as an uncompromising Trump supporter who never really tried to dismiss the “QAnon” conspiracy theory she referred to as a supporter of the early days, Wednesday’s uprising was an unprecedented disaster that destroyed her very reason to exist in politics. As readers will know, Boebert’s support for Wednesday’s insurrection went well beyond signing the votes to question the results in swing states, where she was supported by and for which many of her Republican counterparts did and many of her fellow Republicans Resignation to be called.

Today is 1776.

– Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) January 6, 2021

This early Wednesday morning tweet from Boebert has been widely interpreted as an unequivocal call for violence that came later that day and fueled the growing movement calling for Boebert to resign immediately for helping to spark the Wednesday uprising.

But a different question is being asked today as the investigation into deadly violence on Wednesday mounts: Did Rep. Boebert actually try to help insurgents find their targets when they stormed the Capitol?

These are tweets that Rep. Boebert sent to over 350,000 followers on Twitter. Those we would like to posit include at least some of the rioters who marched from Donald Trump’s speech near the Washington Monument to the Capitol. In Boebert’s threatening speech just before the rioters broke through the building, Boebert bragged about how their “voters” were outside. Boebert sent the first tweet at 2:17 p.m. Eastern time and the second a moment later – in literal real time with insurgents violating the Capitol that NPR reports came at 2:16 p.m.

This is battlefield intelligence folks. The only question is whether Boebert consciously understood that she was providing important information to the insurgents who stormed the US Capitol at that very moment, or that she is so incredibly ignorant in this life and death situation that she is the astonishing security flaw that made her did not realize by relaying these details to her right-wing extremist supporters.

Whether through ignorance or agreement, these tweets undoubtedly give Boebert’s responsibility for what happened on Wednesday a whole new dimension. Boebert’s profound ignorance of how American elections work is no excuse for the comfort and possibly the deliberate help she has given to the violent uprising against the body into which she was sworn just days earlier.

These are unprecedented times, and Boebert’s name is forever tied to an unprecedented crime.

We honestly hope this isn’t as bad as it actually could be.

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