Governor Larry Hogan blames Donald Trump for the riot that left 5 dead in the Capitol

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan joined Jake Tapper in the State of the Union episode on Sunday and they discussed at length the Capitol uprising that killed five people. Governor Hogan clearly plays the role of a centrist Republican who can unite both parties – in contrast to the Republicans of the MAGA cult, who find themselves in a death spiral with Donald Trump.

Governor Hogan was straightforward and told Tapper that Donald Trump had “blood on his hands” for the uprising that killed 5 people – 4 rioters and a Capitol cop, Brian Sicknick,

Here was the exchange:

TAPPER: The president instigated a domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. Five people have died, including Capitol policeman Brian Sicknick. Does President Trump have blood on his hands?

HOGAN: I have no question that it was him – he was responsible for getting this riotous mob into this was a riot. You know, they stormed the Capitol and threatened to kill the vice president and put people’s lives in danger. And he had a big part to play a big part in.

And I think a lot of people don’t understand how close this was to a mass casualty event that slaughtered members of Congress and the Vice President.

TAPPER; How concerned are you about what could happen in the next ten days if President Trump stays in office?

HOGAN: Well, I’m pretty concerned, but we’re taking action. You know, in the introduction you mentioned that we are sending the National Guard. Within minutes of that attack, I called a security team, sent several hundred specially trained Maryland State Police, a rapid response team, and called 500 members of the National Guard. We have safety instructions.

Thank goodness the rioters couldn’t take hostages or, God forbid, kill elected officials. Will we be so lucky next time? And knowing how awkward, dangerous, and confused these Trump supporters are, it is almost guaranteed that there will be next time. It could be the DC Capitol, a state house, or a governor’s house. These Trump supporters will not give up – not before inauguration and definitely not afterwards, when they get completely angry and imagine that their cult leader’s election has been “stolen”.

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