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Retired and off-duty police officers from at least six countries identified as members of a failed coup leader

While it is not a criminal activity to be present outside the Capitol Building while there has been riots, those who were involved in the invasion of the building have committed criminal acts. Investigators are working to check whether the identified officers attended or not.

According to PoliticoA recent Metro DC police officer shared a Facebook post stating that off duty officers and members of the military who participated in the riot flashed their badges and IDs in order to break into the building. “If these people can storm the Capitol without regard to punishment, one has to wonder how much they abuse their powers when they put on their uniforms,” ​​the official wrote on Facebook. Capitol Police found that more than 50 police officers who responded to the violence on Wednesday were injured by the white supremacists.

In addition, two black officers who were on duty during the attack told the story BuzzFeed News that off duty officers were among the rioters. One of the black officers, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that off duty officers not only flashed their badges, but also tried to explain that this movement was supposed to help them.

“You have the nerve to hold a Blue Lives Matter flag and you’re out there fucking us,” the official told a group of protesters at the Capitol. “[One guy] He pulled out his badge and said, “We’ll do this for you.” Another man had his badge. So I said, “Well, you must be kidding.”

The second officer recalled himself and other officers fighting hand-to-hand combat to fend off mob members and losing 10 to one. “We told them to back off and go away and stop and they tell us they are on our side and they are doing this for us and they say this while I am slapped in my face by one of them. .. That happened to many of us. We got pepper sprayed on our faces by these protesters, I’m not even going to call them protesters, by these domestic terrorists, “the official told BuzzFeed News.

Police officers weren’t the only civil servants involved in Wednesday’s riot. NBC News reported that the names of several members of the New York Fire Department had been turned over to the FBI based on photos of them participating in the failed coup. Members of the Sanford Fire Department in Florida are also under investigation after photos emerged online.

According to ReutersAt least one firefighter was put on administrative leave. Dozens of people have been prosecuted as the FBI obtained more information from the public to identify the criminals involved. Officials have asked media companies to keep photos, videos and other data related to the riots and crime scenes.

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