YouTuber Dave Cullen discovers that computing isn’t forever

As regular readers know, I’m not a huge fan of the online commenting ban, even the most egregious. On most subjects, I am getting closer than not to the absolutism of free speech, which will likely get me into real trouble one day. However, I also have to draw a line somewhere. And that’s why I won’t shed tears if the Computing Forever channel, hosted by Irish neo-right wannabe Dave Cullen, is permanently removed from YouTube. Popular with supporters of the amorphous white nationalist movement in Britain and the United States while practically unknown at home, the station sold the usual online propaganda and conspiracy theories of the British and American old-right. Everything from the Brexiting Brits battling the sinister forces of globalization to the racist theory of the great replacement, with some absolutely insane views on the Covid-19 pandemic that are also a good measure.

Honestly, good get rid of bad trash. What if the removal of my own official channel from YouTube in 2019, apparently due to a concerted effort by online activists linked to a now-defunct far-right identity group in Ireland and the UK, makes the disappearance of Computing Forever all the sweeter? Well then, so be it!

I don’t usually celebrate or even particularly approve of the online commentary ban, but the news that “Irish” alt-right wannabe Dave Cullen has been banned from YouTube warms the cockles of my Fenian heart … 🤓 It turns out computers aren’t forever … I thank you! 😉

– EIN FIONNACH FIONN (@AnSionnachFionn) January 11, 2021

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