Ocasio-Cortez says Congress must “curb” the media environment

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez MP, DN.Y., says Congress is trying to “restrict our media environment” to prevent the spread of disinformation.

Ocasio-Cortez discussed in a live stream Tuesday night on Instagram how she feared for her life during the Capitol uprising last week, Fox News reported.

A viewer asked Ocasio-Cortez if Congress was discussing “truth and reconciliation or media literacy initiatives” to help heal after the turbulent events of the past few weeks, the publication reported.

“I can say there is absolutely a commission being discussed, but it seems more investigative than truth and reconciliation. I think this is an interesting concept that we should investigate,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez noted that “several members of Congress” referred to “media literacy” in these discussions.

AOC suggests adding “media literacy” as a mandate for a congressional committee on “truth and reconciliation”. Pic.twitter.com/sv7UXMwvaO

– Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) January 13, 2021

“We need to figure out how to limit our media environment so that you don’t just spit out disinformation and misinformation,” she said.

The New York Democrat previously proposed compiling lists of Trump supporters and using them to hold the president’s supporters accountable in the future.

“Someone archive these Trump sycophants if they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future,” Ocasio-Cortez asked the day before the media launched the presidential race for Joe Biden. “I see a good chance of many deleted tweets, fonts and photos in the future.”

Liberal media outlets and companies have previously suggested that Biden should take an aggressive approach to fighting conservative media if he becomes President of the United States.

Journalist Glen Greenwald predicted in October that the media would target Trump supporters even if Biden won the election, warning that Trump’s presidency would allow the media to “raise everyone’s fear level” and see Trump as a “serious threat.” for all the best “in modern society.

“There is no question that the Democrats are preparing to use their new power to put far more pressure than ever before on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., to censor views they consider” threatening “, Greenwald tweeted in November, referring to comments made by former President Barack Obama about controlling the Internet with “a combination of government regulations and corporate practices.”

“Please see what’s going on here,” said Greenwald. “Democrats define anyone who opposes them not as an adversary, but as a national security threat, fascist terrorists, etc. – all to justify being excluded from the Internet with their influence over Silicon Valley.”

Intercept co-founder added that CNN, NBC and The Atlantic are the outlets “most loudly” calling for the suppression of “disinformation”, even though those outlets are “the ones that didn’t just sell the bull of the Iraq war” but also the last 4 years of the troubled takeover of Russia! conspiratorial madness. “

“They want their monopoly on discourse back,” said Greenwald.

The same day Greenwald made these comments, Crooked Media founder Tommy Vietor published an article entitled “Why Joe Biden Must Leave Fox.” Vietor complained that Fox News was being treated as a “legitimate news organization” and said Biden’s team should “approach Fox News with eyes wide open, not arms.”

“Call Fox what it is: an extension of the Republican Party,” wrote Vietor. “Say it often. Repetitive messaging works – just ask Lyin ‘Ted and Low-Energy Jeb. Say no to the absurd insistence that the network has a real news division. “

The founder of Crooked Media argued that Biden’s team should give its own publication and other outlets like The Nation “Scoops and Access” in order to enlarge audiences and “influence the way Trump’s team cultivated marginal flaps like Newsmax and OAN Has”.

CNN’s lead media correspondent Brian Stelter also sparked a backlash in November when he compiled a list of conservative media outlets that he claimed was spreading “disinformation” about the elections.

“There is a whole constellation of websites and talk shows that are rejected just like Trump,” said Stelter, showing a list of conservative media outlets including Fox News, The Daily Caller, Newsmax, OAN and others. “They provide disinformation about the election results, and wherever there is a huge supply there is a high demand.”

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