Snapchat permanently bans Trump from the platform

Snapchat told Fox News that they are permanently banning Trump from their platform, alleging hate speech, inciting violence, and more:

FOX NEWS – Following an indefinite ban on President Trump’s account last week, Snapchat announced on Wednesday that its decision is permanent.

“In the interests of public safety and based on his attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech and incitement to violence that clearly violates our policies, we made a decision to permanently terminate his account,” a Snapchat spokesman told FOX News .

The social media platform stated that after the uprising of Trump supporters on January 6th in the US Capitol it evaluated “which long-term measures are in the best interests of our Snapchat community”.

Snapchat first cracked down on President Trump in June when it stopped advertising the president’s account on its Discover platform and limited its reach to subscribers and those in search of him.

“We will not reinforce voices inciting racial violence and injustice through free advertising on Discover,” the company said at the time.

Since then, the platform has repeatedly removed Trump’s content and sent dozens of warnings to the president and his team for violating community guidelines and terms of use. The terms prohibit the spread of misinformation, hate speech, glorification or incitement to violence.

The decision on a permanent ban comes after similar steps by Facebook and Twitter last week.

Do you remember these teenagers stomping and kicking a person while he was on the ground and everyone went along to harm the victim? That’s exactly how it feels.

Twitter bans Trump, then Facebook, then Reddit, etc. and now we have Snapchat doing the same thing. And then poor old Parler was thrown on the floor next to Trump and they stomp and kick him too, led by Amazon, Apple and Google.

It’s the liberal mob mentality that’s at work here, and it’s ugly.

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