The Bob Cesca Podcast: Take Your Toys With You

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Today’s program from our podcasting partner The Bob Cesca Show:

Take away your toys – [Explicit Language] Buzz is dealing with a family emergency, so the great Rocky Mountain Mike – Mike Hardeman of the Stephanie Miller Show is here to add to that. House Democrats introduce impeachment article against Trump; Will Trump be removed before inauguration? The FBI warns of further attacks starting January 16; Alex Jones says he coordinated with the White House; Cumulus Media warns Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and other red hats; “Silencing Conservative Thinking”; Parler is gone; Deutsche Bank cuts ties with Trump; The nation rejects Trumpism; The Attorney General of DC; Trump and pardon powers; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, L-Lo and The Masker of One and Nick Lutsko; and more!

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