The “#Remove Them All” movement aims to expose those congress members who have teamed up with the violent Seditionists in order to prevent a fair democratic election. Your support encouraged the marginalized groups to attack the Capitol and try to find and attack Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi and others. If Congress feels that Trump should be held accountable and charged, they should be consistent and investigate and take action against their insurgent members. They all know the election was not rigged or stolen.

The fourteenth amendment, Section 3, states that no person may be a senator, representative of Congress, president, or vice-president, or hold any civil or military office in the United States or any state, to rebel or rebel against them or to aid the enemy or given consolation. But Congress can remove such an obstruction with a two-thirds vote. “

On Wednesday, 147 House Representatives and 7 Senators committed a shocking, embarrassing affair, and unpatriotic act by voting to reverse the will of voters in the swing states and block the confirmation of Joe Biden’s election victory. These congressional lawmakers know the elections were not fraudulent. Your complicity in the uprising is undeniable. By fueling the narrative of a stolen election, they incited Trump voters to join them and defend their poor, unjustly ousted leader for saving democracy. Knowing that the elections were not rigged, these congressmen and senators betrayed their dishonest vote in defense of the constitution.

Every foreign minister of every state and every electoral officer monitored the voting process, carried out recounts on request and confirmed their results as fair and legitimate. On December 12, even the conservative Trump-stacked Supreme Court rejected Trump’s attempts to reject millions of ballots in swing states. Over 60 cases filed by Trump, his legal team, and campaign officials have been kicked out of the courts and deemed frivolous or unfounded by many Trump-appointed judges. The Trump disinformation bootlickers made false claims of fraud in the service of Trump’s narcissistic needs and delusions. They did not provide evidence to back up their fraud allegations and it became apparent that the aim of these fraudulent allegations was to discredit the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s president and solidify the base to join the fight at all costs, to keep Trump in power.

Investigations are ongoing to determine who helped organize this violent uprising against what democracy stands for. Encouraged by Trump, his adult children, and his insane, discredited attorney Rudy Guiliani to be strong and aggressive, the domestic fringe terrorist groups came to Washington DC to save democracy by getting Biden-won election certification and certification Trump stopped lost. Any faction in the Democratic Party can proudly say that any protest by its voters would not be filled with racists or anarchists, and anti-Semites wearing hate speech t-shirts, putting slings, zip ties and Molotov cocktails.


Trump lost the presidency despite his best efforts, and he also managed to lose both the House and the Senate. While he campaigns for the fraudulent claim that the pandemic is a conspiracy between the Democrats and the RINO’S (on behalf of the Republicans only) to remove him from office, over 360,000 Americans have died and 22 million people have contracted the disease while playing golf. watches television and runs super spreader rallies.

Despite scientific evidence, real corpses and hospitals filled with COVID patients have fought Trump and his Congressional Seditionists to overthrow a fair, democratic U.S. election and downplayed the severity of the global pandemic. His actions and the opportunist lawmakers who kept him in power and promoted his unconstitutional governance are now facing investigations that could lead to charges and imprisonment that end career and end freedom. The FBI has arrested over 65 of the insurgents in the attack on the Capitol and is investigating possible coordination between the Capitol Police, the White House, Trump, his family and his representatives in Congress and the violent traitors to democracy.

Five people were killed in the attack and many physical and emotional injuries occurred. Therefore, anyone involved in coordinating, funding, encouraging, or inciting the violence of the attack is likely to be prosecuted or fired. The House is making reasonable efforts to indict Trump for the second time this week. Any president who promotes violent hatred and directs groups of citizens to attack our government houses in order to block the confirmation of an election must be indicted under the Constitution. Any elected official who knowingly voted against maintaining our democracy should no longer be allowed to remain in office. The “RemoveThemAll” movement will continue to pressurize investigators to thoroughly attempt to discover the truth about how these domestic terrorist anarchists successfully carried out the worst attack on our democracy since 1812.

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