Google is flagging its own message notifications on Polis as a possible phishing scam

Trump voters aren’t the only ones pestered by big tech.

We received a warning from Gmail not to click on a Google Message notification for Jared Polis as similar messages were reported as a phishing scam.

The alert was not limited to a specific link in the alert, it was limited to the entire email.

The Google news alert prevented us from accessing links to reports on judicial officer appointments, road funding, COVID-19, the governor’s citizenship medals, the memorial rebuking Polis ‘pandemic restrictions, Polis’ snappy comments on Boebert, and a story in which The popularity of vaccines compared with Lady is to click Gaga Tickets.

The alert has the option to report “dangerous” or mark it as “looks safe”.

After much deliberation, we decided it was a trick question and deleted the entire batch.

Google might like something, but it should give us the opportunity to agree that some of the messages look safe but should still be reported as dangerous.

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