Fascism is coming to the USA

Yes, it’s a lively leftist fascism, but it’s still fascism. My newest in FrontPage:

The destruction of freedom of expression in America today is being carried out by the left establishment, which dominates the political sphere, the social media giants, the establishment media, the education system – practically everything, in fact. The left is using the January 6 uprising in the Capitol as a moment of Reichstag fire to criminalize, silence and destroy not only President Trump, but all Americans who still dare to defy his sinister waking state. In this way, for all the rhetoric about how Trump and his supporters are fascists, leftists reveal themselves to be the epitome of fascists.

That fact is all too often waved off by those who, on one level, rightly insist: “They are not fascists, they are communists.” The German National Socialists identified strongly with Mussolini’s fascists in Italy and quarreled with the communists on the street. Hitler made his determination to destroy communism in Europe a core part of his agenda. So many assume that leftists who now carry the banner of Antifa, an organization born in the street fighting of the 1920s with the Nazis, could not possibly be fascists.

But they can and they are. Contrary to what many believe, there is no contradiction in being a communist and a fascist, like being a Republican Democrat or an honest journalist. Communists and National Socialists were, in large part, bitter enemies in Weimar because they were competitors in the same field: In the late 1920s and early 1930s, they were the two major German parties that wanted to destroy the Weimar Republic and enforce authoritarian rule. They just didn’t agree on who would be responsible.

In addition, of course, they did not agree. Marxism is based on total state control over the means of production, while the Nazis, although they flirted with this idea in various ways for years before coming to power, allowed private corporations. However, even this wasn’t as big a gap between the two as many people assume. The Hitler biographer Peter Longerich notes that “Six months after the” seizure of power “with his various upheavals, Hitler had reached a deal with the German economy that increased its authority within its companies in return for an agreement to join the general management subject to the state. “The means of production were still privately owned, but were completely under the control of the National Socialist state.

This deal between Hitler and the German business titans was one of the main reasons why his regime is called “fascist” in the first place. The word “fascist” comes from the Latin fasces, “bundle”, usually bundles of wooden poles. At first glance it might seem like an odd name for a political movement, but the idea was that the diverse forces in society were bundled into a unity of purpose and loyalty. For the ancient Romans, for example, the fascia was a symbol of state authority, from which Mussolini took the name of his movement. To ensure that private corporations could stay private but had to work for the good of the entire state and under the direction of the Nazi government, Hitler pooled the titans of business and united them in the service of his agenda.

That’s how it is today. The social media giants and the left government elite, the swamp that confirmed its hegemony through the installation of Old Joe in the White House, are working in lockstep. The government doesn’t and doesn’t have to own social media: whether big tech submits to the general direction of the state or the state submits to the general direction of big tech, the result is the same: every major violence in American society marches in the same vein as dissenters are stigmatized, demonized, held responsible for crimes they did not commit, silenced and isolated.

So, in the past few days, we see the President of the United States banning the main means of communication today, and the unity of purpose between the media, Big Tech and the Democratic Party in spreading the big lie that Trump incited violence on Jan. 6 and attempted a coup, fascism is in action. And if the fascists are not stopped soon, what we have already seen will only be the beginning.

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