New details cast of Virginia Man at the DC checkpoint in different light

As new details emerge about the arrest of a Virginia man Friday night at a DC security checkpoint, the incident takes on a different occupation.

CNN was the first to report news of the arrest of 31-year-old Wesley Beeler, according to a police report I tried to pass a police checkpoint in an increasingly militarized zone less than half a mile north of the Capitol grounds in his truck with an “unauthorized” ID.

Beeler presented what one official called an “unauthorized personal induction badge” to the US Capitol Police in a New York Times statement filed Saturday.

However, new developments and additional reports from the Times, including details of a federal law enforcement officer, indicated that Beeler was a contractor and that the credentials, while unauthorized, were not forged.

In the statement filed in a District of Columbia court on Saturday, Capitol Police officer Roger Dupont said he checked Beeler’s ID against a list and found that he was not allowed to enter the restricted area.

A spokeswoman for the Capitol Police told the Times that Beeler had presented “non-government identification”.

When the police asked Beeler on Friday whether he was carrying guns, Beeler informed them that he had a semi-automatic Glock pistol. According to the Times, when searching the vehicle, pOlice said they found the loaded gun, in addition to 509 rounds of ammunition and 21 shotgun shells.

The Times said court documents and an incident report from the city’s Metropolitan Police Department show it was Beeler Arrested for five crimes, including possession of a firearm and ammunition, not registered in Washington as required. DC, including offenses.

It wasn’t clear why Beeler was trying to get through the cordoned off area, however Beeler’s father, Paul Beeler, told the Times in an interview that his son was part of a security team that worked with the Capitol Police and the National Guard and that he must have left his personal gun in his car, adding that his Son had recently been working as a security guard on the Capitol grounds.

When asked if he believed his son would support a peaceful transfer of power, the arrested man’s father said this was “the reason” his son was there.

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