Twitter has just suspended QAnon Boosting Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Twitter has temporarily blocked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) ‘S account after the newly sworn in member of Congress repeatedly published allegations of election fraud on Sunday morning.

Greene’s most recent post included a video in which she made debunked allegations of electoral fraud in the Georgian Senate runoff and general election. Twitter added a note to that tweet, and others Greene posted on Sunday said the claims were controversial. The platform also prevented the posts from being liked, replied to or retweeted without comment “due to the risk of violence”.

In a statement to reporters, Greene said her suspension was the result of Big Tech’s “cross-border monopoly stranglehold” in US political discourse. “If a conservative dares to express a political opinion that the Internet police do not approve, he is now falsely accused of ‘inciting violence’ simply because he has a conservative view,” she said, claiming that conservatives “Afraid of submission” by socialists who want to end their lifestyle. “

Greene is a supporter of QAnon, a conspiracy theory that “a cabal of liberal pedophiles is running a child sex ring that Donald Trump is trying to put down despite attempts by the deep state to thwart it,” as my colleague Ali Breland has reported:

While Greene wholeheartedly supported QAnon at the start of her candidacy, she appears to have relaxed in favor of milder, more disguised QAnon endorsements under the guise of “saving the children”. In addition to supporting QAnon, Politico discovered videos of Greene making racist, Islamaphobic, and anti-Semitic comments.

Greene was among Republican Congressmen who objected to the electoral college vote being confirmed last week after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in a riot that left 5 dead.

Twitter’s move comes nine days after the platform banned President Donald Trump for inciting violence in the U.S. Capitol. Since then, accounts promoting election-related conspiracy theories, including prominent allies of the president, have been closed in large numbers on Twitter and other social media platforms. Efforts to deplatform Trump and his sycophants on social media have already resulted in a 73 percent decline in online election misinformation, according to a recent report by analytics firm Zignal Labs.

Greene remains suspended from Twitter for 12 hours.

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