BASC welcomes the High Court’s decision as a victory for the country

BASC has welcomed the High Court’s decision to reject attempts by Wild Justice to curtail pest control in Wales as a victory for the country.

In a ruling released today after a protracted legal battle, Judge Jarman QC dismissed all three claims by Wild Justice that the legal process known as general licenses to control pest birds was illegal. In his judgment, he described the current approach as “rational”.

BASC spent more than £ 140,000 from its re-launched Fighting Fund to give the shooting a voice in the legal challenge and to help Natural Resources Wales defend the case. BASC struggled to be recognized by the court as “interested parties”.

BASC’s written submissions supported Natural Resources Wales’ argument in favor of continuing to use general licenses.

Steve Griffiths, Wales Director of BASC said: “This result is an endorsement of BASC’s decision to enter this litigation to ensure that the voice of the shooting was heard by the court.

“We were ready to provide a significant amount of money for this case, but we did so because we felt it was important to fight for the country and give a voice to the people who live and breathe the management of the country.

“Wild Justice failed on all three legal issues, and while there are some minor technical issues to consider, this ruling is now a complete success for the rural community. It is also another defeat for Wild Justice and their methods, having recently been admonished by the High Court in England.

“BASC urged Wild Justice to drop this case in Wales in early 2020 as their attack on the shooting at a time of national crisis would waste valuable taxpayer money and NRW resources.

“General licenses are an essential tool for farmers, conservationists and pest fighters. While we welcome discussions about the future of pest control, it needs to be done at a table that is not on trial. ”

Wild Justice announced today that it will not appeal the court’s decision.


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