Joe and Kamala Hold Memorial Service for Victims when Covid Deaths Reach 400,000

Alysin Camerota spoke about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s plans to honor the nearly 400,000 Americans who died of coronavirus today in the Lincoln Memorial’s reflective pool.

“More than 53,000 deaths this month alone. Come to us now, Chief Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. It is so remarkable to have a leader acknowledge the enormous devastation this country has felt in terms of the number of deaths,” she said .

“No question about it. I’ve done a few – talked to some people over the weekend. This idea that during this pandemic there really wasn’t what they called the ‘center of grief’.” So much mourning has taken place behind closed doors, behind closed doors, funeral home doors, hospital doors, whatever it is, “Gupta said.

“We don’t see it. We don’t feel it. And that sometimes makes a big difference in how we react to it. There are a lot of people who still think this is so – we see this in the rearview mirror . And of course not. These numbers are worse than ever and there is so much news in the world because we don’t have this center of grief. Maybe we don’t pay close attention to it.

“That reminds people. It’s difficult news. I’m not sure what the president-elect is going to say today, but it’s really important and a clear reminder of what we have to do over the next few weeks and months.”

“399,008 deaths. We will cross the 400,000 mark today. The last full day of Donald Trump’s presidency,” said John Berman.

“Some people look at this and say that in some ways this is a fair milestone considering how this government has dealt with it. As for the next government, Sanjay, we heard from Professor Michael Osterholm. We had a graphic that speaks of how much more contagious some of these variants will be, and others describe a race between getting the vaccines into people’s arms and those variants that will spread faster. “

Gupta explained the difference these virus variants will make.

“If it were only 50% more fatal, what would that mean after a month? You’d have about 1.5 times more deaths. But the contagion is a real problem, okay? If you look at that after six generations, we usually say One generation is five days. Six generations would be a month. 50% more contagious could potentially lead to 11 1/2 times more deaths. Why? Because it’s more transmissible and spreads to more vulnerable populations, even very random interactions with people are plenty more likely to lead to infection, so you get into a significant problem.

“When Michael Osterholm talked about it, we currently have about 30% of the country that is likely to be affected. We don’t even know because testing is still a problem in this country. But let’s say if it’s 30%, That means the vast majority of people who may be looking at this in the rearview mirror are still at risk, so you really need to focus on these mitigation measures.

The same basic things we talked about, wearing the mask, the distance, all of those things. Also what Osterholm said without coming out and saying it right away is see what they had to do in Britain. Look what they had to do in Ireland. “

He said no one really wants to talk about it, but targeted shutdowns may be necessary to stop virus transmission.

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