Momentum Launch Policy primarily to approve Labor Conference motions

Momentum is kicking off a primary political process today, with members of the organization voting on the eight supported motions, and coming to the Labor Party conference later this year.

The democratic exercise will allow Momentum members to offer a “socialist vision for work” and “create a platform for left politics to advocate at the Labor Conference in 2021,” the group said .

The activist network “would like to leave this year’s party conference with Labor, who is democratically committed to transformative socialist politics that can meet the challenges of the current crisis of Covid-19 and climate change”.

The “political primary” is being undertaken as part of efforts by the Momentum leadership, elected for the first time last July, to deliver on promises to make the organization more democratic internally.

It will allow local momentum groups, unaffiliated campaign organizations, affiliated groups and trade unions to submit political proposals which will then go through a compositing and shortlisting process.

After these steps, the motions of Momentum members with one member and one vote will be elected who are expected to vote for or against motions and will rank the suggestions by preference.

“The top eight motions will be selected by Momentum to mobilize the 2021 conference,” the group said. Activists are expected to fight based on Keir Starmer’s ten pledges.

As a lead candidate, Starmer presented a list of commitments, including an income tax increase for the top 5% of the workforce. Labor left activists have expressed an interest in testing his continued commitment to politics.

Co-chair Andrew Scattergood said: “The work needs a socialist vision for the future. Leveraging the creativity and knowledge of our members, Momentum will help create a serious left wing platform for the UK to transform. “

Momentum has already announced its intention to generally run for an elected Labor Secretary General in order to give all party members a say in the future assumption of the top position.

The controversial move – which is unlikely to secure the support of Labor left unions like Unite – would undo the party’s current system of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) appointing its senior official.

Labor’s 2021 conference is scheduled for September, along with contingent liabilities for a hybrid or online conference. Last year the conference was replaced by the online event “Connected”, which did not set any guidelines.

NEC member Alice Perry announced that there had been discussions of proposals for online policy motion compositing meetings that she described as “very challenging”.

However, the vice-chair of the NEC and member of the Equality Subcommittee added that an online conference would “reduce the costs for delegates and possibly make the conference more accessible”.

Labor is not forced to include policy motions passed at annual conferences in its electoral manifestos, but the process allows members to express views, debate ideas and put pressure on the leadership.

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