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The Trump administration gave private jet companies more than half a billion pandemic bailouts

Accountable.US reports that private jet companies as a group did pretty well at distributing emergency funds for pandemics. Private jet companies received over $ 643 million in federal aid spread across three emergency programs. The majority, over half a billion dollars, received grants from the Payroll Support Program.

“”[A]At least 49 private jet companies have gained access to all three programs, giving them up to $ 87.38 million in COVID stimulus funds, “the report said.

What can you say? You have lobbyists and you don’t.

So then, how angry should we be about that? It’s hard to tell right away. It is true that we do not want workers to be unemployed, not even workers who mainly care for an upper class that does not particularly care whether the rest of us live or die. It is also true that these industries are among the most expendable in the nation. As with cruise lines, there is a strong argument that forcing the entire industry into a crevasse and covering it would do more good than harm worldwide.

What has not been done while keeping the private jet industry afloat so our little celebrities and mid-sized spendthrift company executives are not forced to share cabin space with Riffraff is a plan to fend off a depression-level homelessness crisis after eviction moratoriums have expired. Or a plan to distribute the much-needed vaccines until the administration lost interest. Or some federal food distribution plan that wasn’t primarily based on the Sucks To Be You principle.

How much would it have cost to give every household in America a rotating supply of droplet filter masks? Not a lot, is it?

We could even have chartered all of the nation’s private jets to deliver. It wouldn’t have been the most efficient plan, but we could have met halfway.

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