Morrison makes progressive nuts. But really, you have only yourself to blame

This is not the US, and ScoMo is not Trump Lite. Attempts by progressives to paint it as such simply underscore the political failings on the left.

(Image: AAP / Mick Tsikas)

As Trump receded into the distance, progressive attentions in Australia turned back to Scott Morrison, a man who had barely played a role in the political imagination for months.

With his comments on Australia Day 1788 – “it wasn’t a particularly noticeable day for the people on these ships” – he brought it all home great and reminded us that in this new era we need to talk about ScoMo Derangement Syndrome.

ScoMo is making progressive nuts – mainly because Labor so utterly neglects to offer an alternative – which in turn makes progressive politics worse and so on. The fantasy that the Morrison administration is some sort of Trump-Lite outfit completely skews a political response.

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