GOP Civil War canceled, says Rick Scott, who is hiding under a desk in a safe place

Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott, who became chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) in January, isn’t going to get you to talk about a “GOP civil war.” He insists on a ridiculously irritated message to “Republican voters, activists, leaders, [and] Donor “that there is no such thing and there is none on his watch, NO SIR. (The” sir “is Donald Trump, who certainly did not threaten to found his own party or take over his large majority. Where does all of this come from Talk of a “Republican Civil War”? Political experts trying to force the GOP to have one, hence the subject line of Scott’s communique. “REPUBLICAN CIVIL WAR HAS BEEN CANCELED.” And on time for the CPAC!

We can’t imagine anyone, least of all Rick Scott, believing a word from Rick Scott’s screed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny.

After a cursory dismissal of the Senate impeachment case, in which seven Republicans voted for the condemnation of Trump – most members of a presidential own party who have ever voted for their own husband’s guilt – Scott declares that GOP divisions are NOT ALLOWED Because Democrats pose the greatest threat to America since last time, Democrats pose the greatest threat to America. Not only do Democrats want to remove US borders, destroy all oil jobs, and “allow men to compete in women’s sports,” the Dems want Dems too Take your tax dollars and pay for abortions in other countries (which is close, isn’t it). .

On one line we’re sure Scott (or whoever wrote it) thought it was a real sucker. We were told that these nasty dems

built an amazing military style wall around the U.S. Capitol while stopping building the wall on our southern border.

Saaaay, when was the Capitol built around the Capitol and why? Anyway, it’s time for more culture wars!

Oh, and they want to turn us off too, not just through social media, but they also want to fire you from your job, get your bank to drop you, make you unemployed in the future, re-educate you and completely silence everyone who disagrees with his new version of socialism in America.

We really had no idea what we were really looking for. Our path doesn’t sound very sporty. In addition, Scott manages to say “socialist” or “socialist” six times in the rather short message.

Worst of all, with all of the “radical left radicals” and their determination to “reshape America in its image” for what can only be a “catastrophic, dystopian, socialist future”, Scott warns that the threat is even greater there that is

A parade of experts and even Republican voices suggesting we should wage a GOP civil war


This doesn’t have to be, shouldn’t be, and won’t be true. Those who are fueling these flames, both in the media and among our own ranks, want a GOP civil war.

Is not that cute? In the midst of the battle between Trumpers, Never-Trumpers, and people tired of the rubble the party has become, Rick Scott promises to keep the GOP united as if it hasn’t torn apart in months. It’s a bit like sitting on the edge of the first battle of Bull Run singing “Give Peace a Chance”. (Which, as we all know, was a great Confederate marching song.)

Even so, Scott’s message tries to convince Republicans of the need for party unity while pounding each other over their heads. Democrats are the real enemy and “For the first time in our lives socialism has become the unabashed government policy of the Democratic Party.” Unlike any other first time, from the appointment of Franklin D. Roosevelt to the transition from Medicare to the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Democrats have gone completely socialist. Only this time is the threat real, just as it will be the next time a Republican asks for donations. Remember, he warns if Democrats could cancel Donald Trump, they could cancel you too!

The really funny thing about Scott’s call for unity is that he doesn’t bother to identify the factions that are at war – he doesn’t have to because he refuses to admit that there is indeed conflict. So why identify “pages” at all? It’s just one big unity party!

Some of you voted with enthusiasm for President Trump, some with reservations, and others with great reluctance. It does not matter. We have 74 million votes and we can easily increase our numbers if we work together.

Could we please all work together for the good of America and stop stabbing each other? Scott just doesn’t mention, while whining about Democrats and nullifying the culture, the multiple moves of Republican parties to reprimand and otherwise nullify Republicans who opposed Trump. That could be divisive.

Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy, Chair of the Minority House of Representatives, and Liz Cheney, Chair of the Conference, number one and number three in the House, had a little verbal spit on live television today to prove how united the party is is. During a press contract for the GOP leadership, a reporter asked both of them if they thought Trump should speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend, as Trump already intends to do. McCarthy replied with a curt “yes he should,” but Cheney refused:

“It’s up to CPAC. I was clear about my views on President Trump and how much I don’t believe after Jan 6th that he should play a role in the future of the party or the country.”

McCarthy endured only a second of uncomfortable silence, interrupted by a coughing reporter, and closed the presser with “In that high note, thank you very much.”

Question: Do you think former President Trump should speak at the CPAC? @ GOPLeader: “Yes, he should.” @RepLizCheney: “Th … https://t.co/BmcVmH1TSt

– CSPAN (@CSPAN) 1614182262.0

Then they both probably read Rick Scott’s message and formed a unity to save America from socialism.

[NRSC / Talking Points Memo]

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