Iain signs two book deals with Hodder & Stoughton

Not only did I hear the good news about the book price on Friday, but also the sales. Suffice it to say that they far exceeded my expectations and the progress has already been earned.


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Today Hodder & Stoughton announce that we have signed a two-book deal to pursue THE PRIME MINISTERS. In November 2021 THE PRESIDENTS will be published in the same format as THE PRIME MINISTERS and illustrated by Zoom Rockman. And in November 2023, KINGS & QUEENS will complete the trilogy. I’m absolutely thrilled and my agent Martin Redfern from Northbank Talent Management did a great job for me.

I have already signed up all 46 essayists for THE PRESIDENTS and 7 of them have already delivered. I have a great number of contributors including David Owen (Jimmy Carter), Justin Webb (Donald Trump), Michael Crick (Zachary Taylor), Roy Hattersley (Woodrow Wilson), George Osborne (Lyndon Johnson) and Simon Burns (JFK)) , Simon Heffer (Ronald Reagan), Andrew Adonis (Joe Biden), Colleen Graffy (George HW Bush). Poppy Trowbridge (Bill Clinton), Sir Christopher Meyer (George W. Bush) and Toby Harnden (Barack Obama).

You can pre-order a signed copy HERE!

Kings QUeens

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And then, in November 2023, comes KINGS & QUEENS. I’ve just shortened the contributor recruitment process for this book. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

A podcast series is included with each book, both of which are available as audio books.

You can pre-order a signed copy of KINGS & QUEENS HERE.

This is how the seller wrote the announcement.

Hodder & Stoughton has bought two books, including The Presidents, to be edited by former Biteback boss Iain Dale.

Next up is Dale’s The Premier Ministers (Hodder), published last November and given the Parliamentary Book Award for best political book by a non-parliamentarian on Thursday (March 18).

Two books were acquired, the first, The Presidents, being published on the anniversary of the US election in November 2021. Hodder’s non-fiction publisher Rupert Lancaster acquired the worldwide rights to the English language from Martin Redfern at Northbank Talent Management.

“It will follow the same formula as the prime ministers, with an essay on each of America’s 46 presidents written by a variety of academics, historians, political journalists and service politicians,” said Hodder. “Each contributor has been carefully selected based on expert knowledge of their subjects and personal relationships, and provides an analysis of the successes, failures, and impact of their subjects. Any hagiographic script is shunned in favor of a “warts and everything” perspective on every president and the impact they have had on US politics – past, present, and future. “Like the Prime Ministers, it is illustrated by award-winning artist Zoom Rockman (his illustration of Abraham Lincoln as pictured).

The second title, Kings and Queens, which will be released in 2023, is also written by various authors.

Dale said, “I couldn’t be happier to publish two more books with Rupert Lancaster and Hodder. The prime ministers’ success shows that there is a real thirst for knowledge for historical and contemporary figures, and I look forward to turning my attention to presidents and monarchs. ‘

Lancaster commented, “Iain is the ultimate professional writer. His ability to assemble an outstanding cast of contributors is a huge reason for the prime ministers’ success. Interest in US politics has never been so great, so presidents are very timely, and I’m sure the monarch and writer combo will be both entertaining and insightful for kings and queens. ”

Dale is the host of “The Evening Show” on LBC Radio. He is the author and editor of more than 30 books and co-hosted the “For the Many” podcast and the “Iain Dale Book Club” podcast. Named Radio Presenter of the Year in 2013 and 2016, he is the former CEO of Biteback Publishing. He hosts the theater show “Iain Dale All Talk” and lives in Tunbridge Wells.

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