Learn from Fauci

Hope you enjoyed the host’s interview with Dr. Fauci heard. Fascinating. Two comments.

First, Fauci has to be the most webbed public figure in American journalistic history, even more so than Trump. The difference between Fauci and the reporting “Fauci Said” is extraordinary. Fauci is a scientist and speaks very specifically and very precisely. So from this observation we learn that most journalism, even with something like the pandemic, is no longer heavily politicized and that most journalists are just stupid when it comes to hearing science.

Second, let’s look at this exchange:

HH: Okay, I’m breaking up, Dr., because I don’t want to take too much time. Sunk costs are an economic term. It is very difficult for people to deal with them. When you examined the data, did you come to a conclusion about bans because we have some states like California that advocated bans that don’t do any better. In fact, they might do worse than Florida, where there were no bans at all. So the sunken cost of lockdowns is enormous and prevents people from being objective about it. But you understand sunk costs. Did we make bans mistakes?

AF: You know, Hugh, I don’t think so. I think the lockdown situation is really very complicated because there have been some states that said they are locked and if you look at the actual situation you know tracking them on GPS how much they locked it is nowhere near as much as has been claimed. In fact, they compared the European lockdown to the US lockdown using GPS – how many people go to the stores, how many people go to the parks. And when Europe was locked down, they put in a stricter lockdown than us.

Let me summarize a little. What Fauci is saying is that comparing states does not lead to a valid conclusion because mandates and regulations are violated and most states behave essentially the same way. Let me repeat that more directly – in California, with its very severe restrictions, people moved just as much as in Florida, with its very few restrictions.

In fact, all of these regulations, rules, and enforcement efforts in places like California and New York haven’t changed the behavior of the average American – they were in vain.

So we took entire business classes out of business for free. More importantly, massive amounts of government credibility have been wasted with no measurable effect. It is fascinating that Fauci does not acknowledge the host’s argument “sunk costs”. The rules had no impact, according to Fauci’s own analysis, whether it was due to a lack of rules or because people simply chose not to obey or bypass them, is immaterial. They are; hence sunk costs. We have sacrificed a lot and achieved little.

Notice Fauci’s sentence: “It’s not nearly as much as was suggested.” Do you remember what I said about lies last week?

The host is, as Rush Limbaugh said, “the best interview in the game”. So this Fauci interview was head and shoulders above the others. At least we don’t have the spin doctors in the middle. But I’m not sure how much Fauci helped himself.

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