The new “Tsar of Royal Diversity” should deal with legal anti-Catholicism

The new “Tsar of Royal Diversity” should deal with legal anti-Catholicism

Sunday’s mail reported that following the fall of Meghan, the queen is due to appoint a czar of diversity to modernize the monarchy. The tsar will be conducting a “listening and learning” exercise in the coming weeks to promote minority rights, according to aides. This follows Meghan’s claims about institutional racism. We learn that the staff at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace will be conducting the exercise on how the monarchy can improve representation in the coming weeks. Guido has two humble suggestions; First, remove the last part of the expressly anti-Catholic legislation from the statutes to complete the emancipation. Second, deactivate the Church of England and remove the bishops from the legislature.

It is still the case that in 21st century Britain a dozen bishops of the Church of England are naturally members of the legislature. No Roman Catholic clergy have been appointed since the Reformation.

The occasional chief rabbi or other religious representative receives a peerage. YouGov polls show that 3 to 1 most people think this is incorrect. 4: 1 Labor voters and 5: 2 Tory voters agree that the place of a bishop is with their flock, not in the House of Lords. Even if you think having religious representatives in the legislature is good, the Church of England is persecuted by 12% of the population. Then why is it fully represented?

The legislature’s bias towards the Church of England is one thing; anti-Catholic legislation in the statutes is quite another. You don’t have to be Meghan to believe that perhaps the Tsar of Royal Diversity could investigate the legal bigotry that dictates that no Roman Catholic head of state can ever become head of state. It is still a law of parliament today. Imagine it is “not a black person” or “not a Jew”. Why is it still the law of the land?

The legislation is extremely discriminatory and prevents former Catholics from becoming heads of state. Some will argue that this religious bigotry is enshrined in law because the head of state is also the head of the Church of England and “Defender of the Faith” – a title given to Henry VIII for his Catholic faith by the then Pope. This is not impossible to unravel. Separating the head of state from the head of the Church of England and removing the bishops of the Church of England from legislature would move 21st century Britain from a non-representative theocracy to a modern representative democracy.

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