How the UK is by far the leader in Europe when it comes to vaccination

But will a grateful nation reward the Tories?

We all know what a big political problem vaccinations have become in Europe in the last few months and the Politico table above shows how many have actually been encountered from country to country.

The UK’s dominance is remarkable and reflects the policy choices made over the past year to support the Oxford / AZC program and to place large orders with Pfizer.

What I found very impressive was the way vaccination centers could be set up and infrastructure created so quickly across the country. Much of this is likely due to the NHS and the data it was able to provide.

Politically, the gambling that Johnson and Hancock entered should pay off in the short term, and we will get an idea of ​​its implications in the May 6 election.

Let me make one caveat: what happened at GE1945 when the Tory who led Britain to a successful outcome to the war in Europe, Churchill, saw no electoral advantage in the general election. In elections, voters tend to look ahead and you cannot count on gratitude.

Mike Smithson

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