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MSNBC’s Serial Smear Merchant by Michelle Malkin

as promised. some morally promoting sword photos

– Talia Lavin (@chick_in_kiev) March 19, 2020

“Screw up, move up” is the standard practice in corporate and government bureaucracies. But in American journalism, the system goes way beyond rewarding incompetence. It sanctifies the bias. It promotes dishonesty. It is an incentive for malice.

Do you want to get ahead in the liberal media? Just follow this creed: “Spit up lies, climb up.”

Take the case of professional character assassin Talia Lavin. This week she posted a high profile feature on as the official MSNBC Opinion Columnist. The hit piece is aimed at a new upstart group of young college conservatives who have broken away from the Establishment College Republican National Committee. Students believe that many of the college’s republican chapters are far to the left on social issues, foreign policy, and immigration. The split reflects the growing split between populists and elites in the DC GOP.

I know many of the leaders of the new College Republicans United organization personally and spoke to the Arizona State University-CRU chapter last year. They are staunch patriots who embrace America First and mean business. For Lavin this is synonymous with “white supremacy” and “sympathy with the Nazis”. She alerted that three sites – ASU, the University of Arizona, and Iowa State University – now have CRU chapters. The headline of her hatchet job read:

“College students fall in love with white supremacy.”

Your proof that the children are “white supremacists”? Your approval from me. Really. Lavin reports:

“The group, which goes by the harmless-sounding name of ‘College Republicans United’, claims that it is supported by white nationalist fringe groups like Michelle Malkin …”

It’s starting again! Well, I am indeed a non-apologetic nationalist. But short messages, freaky facts-bender: I’m brown and the last time I got “rand” was when I was wearing bangs (really bad, chubby ones) in 8th grade around 1984.

To refer to anything and everyone she doesn’t like as “white supremacy” and “Nazis” is Lavin’s whole mess. In 2018 she falsely accused Justin Gaertner, a wounded war veteran and computer forensic for the US Immigration and Customs Service, of wearing a “Nazi” tattoo that she claimed was an Iron Cross. It was actually a Maltese Cross, the symbol of the double amputee Gaertner’s train in Afghanistan, Titan 2. He lost both legs during an IED clearing mission and received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal of Achievement with Combat Valor and the Purple Heart before that he switched to ICE Combating Online Child Exploitation.

Harvard-trained Lavin was forced to publish a faux pology after losing her job as a “fact checker” for the once-respected New Yorker magazine.

I sincerely apologize to Justin Gaertner: All I saw in you was the photo that ICE tweeted, not the person depicted in it. It was not for profit, and hasty erasure doesn’t change that. I’m sorry, and after three years with the New Yorker, I voluntarily resigned.

– Talia Lavin (@chick_in_kiev) June 23, 2018

But she has not withdrawn a single common word of shame she wrote, “No, we don’t have to be friends with Trump supporters,” which advocated hatred and violence against “Nazis” and ICE agents. In it she announced boldly: “If you go deep, stomp you on the head.”

“If they go deep, stomp them on the head.” My latest Apikoress column at @jdforward:

– Talia Lavin (@chick_in_kiev) June 12, 2018

Lavin then grabbed a position teaching a journalism course for New York University students (canceled due to lack of interest) before joining the George Soros-funded disinformation operation Media Matters for America in 2019 as an “extremism researcher”.

NYU canceled the Reporting on the Far Right class, originally taught by Talia Lavin, after only two students signed up

Lavin quit the New Yorker last year after falsely accusing a disabled ICE agent of having a Nazi tattoo: //

– Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) May 30, 2019


She signed a deal with Hachette Books that resulted in a book on white supremacy in 2020 (what else?), Recently published an article in The Boston Globe on white supremacy (what else?) And became the top of this Monthly in The cited Forward to support the hysterical conspiracy theory that the stage of the Conservative Political Action Conference was deliberately designed in the form of a “rune symbol” of the Nazis.

While former President Donald Trump and countless thousands of Conservatives have been banned from social media for expressing lawful, peaceful, and truthful Conservative opinions, Lavin is using her blue checked and verified Twitter account to spread even more lies .

In 2019, she lied on Twitter about being “chased” by a freedom of speech conference in Philadelphia. The problem, as Post Millennial reporters pointed out, is that the conference venue was the highly secure and heavily monitored Sugarhouse Casino. The security director confirmed that no chases or incidents had occurred: “Nobody was followed.”

In 2020 Lavin circulated a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photo of an anti-COVID lockdown activist with a sign that read “Work Free You”. This is an English translation of the German slogan “Arbeit macht frei” that appears above the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Lavin juxtaposed the two pictures with their caption: “This is intentional.” Without the eagle eye of indie journalist Andy Ngo, the “Reopen America” demonstrators might have smeared as Nazis. He discovered that the photo had been treated and that the sign actually said, “Free Small Business”. Instead of facing the deception, Lavin deleted the tweet and spent the past year attacking Ngo as a “fascist grifter”.

This Pittsburgh sign was treated and circulated online for a slogan for the Nazi concentration camp. Real photo to the right by photographer Andrew Rush. People are working flat out to smear all “reopening America” ​​protesters as fascists. If you can’t find it, create it.

– Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) May 2, 2020

andy ngo is a fascist grifter and a liar who messes with hate groups and publishes journalist hit lists just for recording 🙂

– Talia Lavin (@chick_in_kiev) February 24, 2021

Spit out lies, climb high. At the pace at which it continues to fabricate, Talia Lavin could soon anchor the news on MSNBC with Brian “Choppergate” Williams, another serial taxidermist. Media liberalism has its privileges.

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