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Abbreviated Expert Panel: We Still Have A Pandemic To Cope With, Even If DC Reporters Are Bored

Joey Garrison and Deborah Barfield Berry / USA Today:

“It’s sick”: Biden criticizes Republican efforts in state legislatures to restrict voting rights

An ardent President Joe Biden on Thursday condemned efforts by Republican lawmakers to pass laws that make it harder to get to the ballot box, Let’s call it “everything by nature” to suppress the voters.

“I’m concerned about how un-American this whole initiative is,” Biden said during his first press conference at the White House. “It’s sick. It’s sick.”

Biden selected some of the most draconian of the more than 253 bills passed in 43 states that would restrict access to voting. The record is according to the impartial Brennan Center for Justice, which is tracking the legislation.


One study found that voters in predominantly black neighborhoods waited an average of 29 percent longer than voters in white neighborhoods. It was also about 74 percent more likely that they would wait longer than half an hour. So the GA Republicans responded by making it illegal to give them water.

– Brian Schatz (@brianschatz) March 26, 2021

Susan B. Glasser / New Yorker:

The president’s press conference in the Biden era is more terrifying than ever

Under Trump we had to listen. But now? There has to be a better way.

Washington demanded a press conference in Biden for weeks. After all, this was the longest time had passed without a new president holding one since the Coolidge administration. Republicans – and the state-run media in Russia – used Biden’s reluctance to show that he was somehow too old or incoherent to face the rigors of extended, unwritten questioning. With its critics setting such a low bar, it should come as no surprise that Biden, who eventually won a national election by surviving nearly a dozen debates with his main Democratic rivals and two with Donald Trump cleared it up. You could say that Republicans succeeded in one way with their preshow spin: They wanted Biden to be on the defensive, talking about immigration and the border, not about the passage of his $ 1.9 trillion Covid Relief Package and the success of his vaccination campaign. Based on the questions, the reporters agreed.


See news about the Suez crisis in different languages. The west is all jokes and market speculation. To learn that seafarers are stuck after a year of absence, ships run out of provisions, and the region is at risk from rising oil and gas prices, you need to watch news in Arabic

– Lexi Alexander Alexandra Mirai (@Lexialex) March 26, 2021

New York Times:

A new virus dilemma for Biden: How to deal with an impending vaccine

As US manufacturers move forward, vaccine shortages will soon become large as much of the world begs. And vaccine manufacturers now need answers as to what to do with the coming surplus.

President Biden has promised enough doses by the end of May to immunize all of the country’s 260 million adults. However, by the end of July, the government had made commitments from manufacturers to provide enough vaccines for 400 million people – about 70 million more than the entire population of the country.

Whether to maintain, amend, or reroute these orders is an issue with significant implications, not only on the nation’s efforts to contain the virus, but also on how quickly the pandemic can be ended. Of the vaccine doses administered worldwide, for example Three quarters went to just 10 countries. At least 30 countries haven’t injected a single person yet.


Research shows that closing schools and universities has consistently been very effective in reducing transmission. It follows that opening schools increases the spread (this is not a reason to close schools, but a reason to do more to make schools safer). Https://

– Orla Hegarty (@Orla_Hegarty) March 26, 2021

Lauren Weber / KFF:

How a state’s defusion of public health led to vaccination chaos

Missourians have driven hours to find vaccines in rural areas – at least those with cars and time. Tens of thousands of doses are waiting to be distributed and are slowly being rolled out into a federal long-term care program. Waiting lists are hundreds of thousands of people long. Black residents are left behind.

With the rocky vaccine rollout in Missouri, Missouri is one of the lowest states in the country. 23.7% of the population were vaccinated with at least one dose as of Thursday, compared to that national average of 26.3%. If Missouri were on par with the national rate, that would represent roughly more than 162,000 additional people vaccinated, or nearly the entire population of the City of Springfield.

Christopher Ingraham / WaPo:

The richest 1 percent avoid taxes on more than a fifth of their income, a study shows

According to estimates by the researchers, those who are at the top of the income spectrum have annual sales of around 175 billion US dollars.

According to a team of economists from science and the IRS, this costs the federal government around 175 billion US dollars in annual sales.

The dates come as Senate Democrats Consider raising taxes on the ultrawealthy Reduce inequality and fund their legislative priorities. In a sharp reversal of his predecessor, President Biden has signaled that he wants to raise taxes on the rich, businesses and goods.

The researchers say years of cuts in IRS funds coupled with the increasing sophistication of tax evasion tactics available to the wealthy have made it easier than ever to evade tax obligations. And they say those estimates likely underestimate the true extent of tax evasion at the top of the income spectrum.


Daily Beast: Fulton County, Georgia, prosecutors are actively investigating whether they can bring “false testimony” charges against Rudy Giuliani and other members of Trump’s team for attempting to interfere in the state’s 2020 election results.

– Kyle Griffin (@ kylegriffin1) March 25, 2021

Greg Sargent / WaPo:

A searing response to Georgia’s hideous new electoral law exposes a major GOP lie

Turnout was impressively high on election day and during the Senate runoff elections, especially among African-American voters.

That should have been widely acclaimed. But that’s what the state’s Republican officials seem to want to make sure it never happens again.

Republicans from Georgia just passed a sweeping voter suppression law shockingly evident in its efforts to restrict voting. It was signed on Thursday by Governor Brian Kemp (R) as a Democratic legislature who wanted to watch got arrested.

In several ways, the measure appears to be targeted at African American voters, precisely the voters who drove the 2020 Democratic victories. This complaint is at the heart of a new lawsuit Filed against the law on Thursday evening.

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