Friday Roots: John Hiatt With the Jerry Douglas Band: “Mississippi Phone Booth”


From the new album ‘Leftover Feelings’ from May 21 (@New West Records): newwst.com

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Directed by Ted Roach and Lagan Sebert

Telephone booth in Mississippi
Middle of the night
Beetles fly everywhere
Crazy in the light of the gas station

Heart pounded through my shirt
Pump change in one phone call to you
Telephone booth in Mississippi
Operator, you could get me through

Flat black 84 Camaro
Run it from New Orleans
Everything south of I-10
I just tore everything to pieces

I’m somewhere near Jackson
I need Memphis on the line
Telephone booth in Mississippi
Tell Jesus I’m out of pennies

Quart of vodka eight scoops of cocaine
Not enough to change my mind
Telephone booth in Mississippi
Please don’t hang up this time

I’m running out of time

© 2021 New West Records

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