Suez Canal crisis at the latest: Ever Given’s propellers and rudders are working again, but no forecast of when the ship will be made afloat again


The company that owns the giant container ship tucked sideways across the Suez Canal said it was trying to get the ship back on the water by taking advantage of tidal movements later on Saturday.

Ever Given, owned by Japanese firm Shoei Kisen KK, was wedged on Tuesday in a single-lane section of the canal, about 6 km north of the southern entrance, near the city of Suez.

At a press conference Friday evening at the company’s headquarters in Imabari, western Japan, Shoei Kisen President Yukito Higaki said 10 tugs were deployed and workers were dredging the shores and seabed near the ship’s bow to try to recover it when the tide started going out to get afloat.

“We apologize for blocking the traffic and causing enormous problems and concerns for many people, including the parties involved,” he said.

Shoei Kisen said the company was considering removing its containers to reduce the weight of the ship, but it was a very difficult operation physically. The company said it could continue to consider this option if ongoing resuscitation efforts fail.

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