The need for … something

Fri, March 26, 2021 | By John Schroeder

Kurt Schlicter earlier this week:

The masks, the paranoia, the constant talk about vaccines – some people love this stuff.

This is your Woodstock.

And they never want it to end …

People long for a challenge …

People need to be tested. You long for meaning. I only oversaw a heavily armed car wash during the Gulf War, but even then, when we were in a war zone when the story went on around us, we all felt we were alive unlike anything else we did had ever experienced. I didn’t get it back until I drove around Los Angeles with an M16 rifle during the riot. I didn’t want there to be a war or for the Democrats to encourage people to burn down their own communities, but I would rather have been nowhere else.

This is the pandemic for these people. It’s their war. It’s something that makes her overcome her boring life.

I have to agree, people crave a challenge and need to be tested. I agree that this need sparked much of the madness that was our pandemic response. I am deeply grateful that Colonel Schlicter and others like him found the satisfaction of this need in their military service.

But where does this need come from?

I think it’s simple – we know deeply and on the deepest level that we need to be better people. It’s fascinating that this can be found in something that is 1) service minded and 2) bigger than us. Notice how the good colonel calls the experience transcendent. People have a real need for some kind of transcendence and whenever I think of it, I think of Romans 1:19:

… Because what is known about God is evident in them; for God made it clear to them.

What is more transcendent than God? I can’t help but conclude that our need for this transcendent experience is how God has shown himself to us.

It’s a shame we keep looking elsewhere.

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