Andrew Cuomo PREDATION’s victim tried to escape, but he slammed the door! CNN didn’t mention his name at all

The horny elderly killer who inexplicably still runs the show in New York held a press conference today about Covid and was asked VERY HARD by the press whether or not he helped his family members get Covid tests last year.

Obviously, VERY HEAVY is in sarcasm script because it wasn’t. At all. Meanwhile, one of the women who reported about his groping spoke at length in an article published Wednesday in the Albany Times Union.

She told them how she had freaked out about his unwanted advances. How concerned and intimidated she was by his power as a democratic governor and famous media figure. How she tried to get out through conversation and how the governor slammed the door to his office. She talked about her fear. The New York Post summarizes:

In her first public interview, the unidentified woman told the Albany Times Union in an article published Wednesday that she was called to the Executive Mansion on a weekday in November to help Cuomo with his cell phone.

When she walked into his second floor office, she said, Cuomo came out from behind the desk and hugged her aggressively in what she described as overtly sexual. “It wasn’t just a hug.”

“He tried and I was kind of like, ‘Oh, the door is right there,'” she said.

The woman said she quietly freaked out as she pondered how to react to the powerful three-time Democrat.

“I said, ‘You’re going to get us in trouble,” she said.

“I didn’t know what else to say. … It was pretty much like ‘What are you doing?’ Then he slammed the door. He said, “I don’t care.”

Although the sound of the door was loud enough that Cuomo’s staff were most likely wondering what was going on, he wasn’t put off, she said.

“He came right back and pulled me close and all I remember is seeing his hand, his big hand,” she said.

“I remember looking down like ‘Holy sh–’.”

Cuomo, 63, then reached under her blouse and grabbed one of her breasts over her bra, she said.

“I was just so confused and so surprised … He never said anything that was weird,” she said.

“That was the first obvious step.”

She also said that she believed Cuomo had tried to groom her for a relationship for the past two years through inappropriate behavior that included tight hugs and kisses on her cheek.

There is currently no story about Andrew Cuomo on the front page of CNN. A Grabien search is displayed NOT WORTH MENTIONING of the governor aired all day on CNN. No look.

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