The Truth About China’s Uighur Genocide

YouTube political channel Bad Empanada has released a video examining some of the evidence supporting the allegation that the People’s Republic of China is involved in a massive, year-long project to assimilate, or, non-ethnic Chinese communities in the vast areas to exterminate. fossil fuel-rich Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. As always, the station provides a carefully researched and documented feature that is well worth your time if, as you should, you have an interest in the fate of the various populations targeted by the Beijing authorities for an effective ethnocide. Given the long historical shadow of cultural and linguistic devastation in this country, where native Irish speakers now only live tens of thousands of millions across the island, this is an issue that should perhaps be a cause for concern by our political and activist outrage Classes a lot more than it does. Which perhaps tells its own sad story.

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